Connections: Women Supporting Women - July 2017

Connections:  Women Supporting Women - July 2017
In the short-time I've been in business with Truli Wetsuits I've been learning SO MUCH!  But the number 1 thing I see time and time again, whether it's social media or in person, is that women support women tremendously.  I value this very much and I promise to always connect and spread the positive vibes because, in the words of Sarah Richard (Founder of Girls that Scuba):
"Together we are stronger"

Women's Kiteboarding Community ~ Laurel Eastman
Welcome to the Women's Kiteboarding Collective! A private place for ladies only to connect, inspire, learn and teach. 
We are passionate kiteboarding women looking to share our knowledge, stoke, travels, struggles, and expertise or ladies interested in learning our great sport. 
Make sure to check out the "rules" and guidelines as they are very strict as to when and where you can advertise.  I'm totally loving hearing about everyone's experiences and the very cool environment to share!
Girls That Scuba ~ Sarah Richard
This is a group for all scuba-loving girls to share their tips and stories as well as ask for help and advice on anything scuba related. Join in and be a part of an awesome community of Girls that Scuba! 
This is essentially the same concept and vibe as the kiteboarding group, but for scuba! Highly recommend joining in and definitely sign-up for their newsletter for some cool discounts on dive gear. Sarah Richard loves to give shout-outs to start-ups and small businesses like Truli!  
NOTE:  (This has since been resolved) The Girls that Scuba Instagram was hacked recently and all of the posts deleted and the 22K organic followers "sold". Although Sarah has tried to recover the account from Instagram, she has so far been unsuccessful and has reluctantly decided to start a new account:  @GirlsthatScubaDive  Even though she has to start from scratch, let's follow @GirlsthatScubaDive and see if we can engage even more followers than last time!
Make sure you continue to use your hashtags #GirlsthatScuba and connect with the group on Facebook
Fundraising for Ocean Protection ~ Pia Oyarzun
Truli Girl, Pia Oyarzun is on the the Project AWARE's Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team.  They are fundraising for a global challenge, helping tackle two of the biggest threats facing our ocean – marine debris and over-exploitation of shark and ray species.
These endurance super heroes are bringing the community together to raise critical funds and awareness for the plight of our ocean and its wildlife. 
Ocean protection depends on our actions, large and small. Now, more than ever before, we are taking a stand for conservation. Please generously support this challenge to help: 
-Fight to stop the ugly journey of our trash
-Insist on full protections for the most vulnerable shark and ray species
-Negotiate policies that ensure a brighter future for our ocean and its wildlife
Thank you for supporting ocean protection through Project AWARE's Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team, it fuels grassroots activities and policy change in two areas - Marine Debris and Sharks in Peril - necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet today and in the future.

Go Pro with Hayley-Jo ~ Hayley-Jo Carr
Is it time you went from recreational scuba diver to professional PADI Instructor?  Truli Girl, Hayley-Jo Carr, can be the one to give you the skills, training, and certification to make that dream come true and all at the world-class dive destination - Stuart Cove's Dive in The Bahamas.
Ocean Allison ~ Allison Randolph
We all know that education is power!  Allison, aka "Ocean Allison", is a Marine Biologist turned Ocean Communicator who is talking about our amazing blue planet.  Follow along on her fascinating Podcast interviews featuring remarkable guests making a difference in this world.  

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