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It is so important that you have the correct size for a wetsuit to function properly.  A wetsuit should fit snug against your body; if it is a loose wetsuit or has gaping arm or leg holes, it will cause water to move in and out preventing you from staying warm. However, a wetsuit that is too tight will feel restricting.  

The Truli Wetsuits brand promotes body positivity, healthy lifestyles that are connected to the water, and inclusivity.  If your passion is the water, Truli Wetsuits wants to make sure a good quality and beautiful women's wetsuit is available for you.

In 2019, after a year of developing, trying and testing, we introduced not only 2 new designs, but a new size range that included a total of 14 standard sizes and 7 long torso sizes.  In 2021, we added an additional 2 more sizes to the range for a total of 23 sizes overall.

Since there are slight variations between the sizes, it is easy to move up or down a size based on your unique shape.  Some women with large chests have felt a snug fit in their regular size and have chosen to go one or two sizes up with still a comfortable fit.  You can be sure that the front zip is strong and the neoprene does wonders to hold everything in place. 

You may notice that we don't use traditional size names.  The reason is because we didn't feel those names accurately reflected who we are; instead, we adapted the size categories with words inspired by trail-blazing women.  Learn more about the Truli-Size-Mi system and who inspires us in the You Inspire Me! blog.

You can take a look at the chart below to get an idea of the Truli-Size-Mi system that was created based on the women who have been testing and using Truli Wetsuits since we launched in 2016.

 Name Long Torso
Freedom Devoted
Leader Persevere
Truth Explorer
Legend Heart
Fearless Achiever
Dreamer Adventurer
Trail-Blazer Confidence

You may find an old sizing table that included body weight and dress size on the internet; however, that one is not accurate and should not be followed!  I created that one in 2018 when I only had a vague idea on how I would be fitting customers.  Now that I have the feedback from customers, I have more accurate information to base our size recommendations on and there are way more factors than just your body weight that goes into deciding which size might work best for you.