Shipping, Returns, Exchange



Canada and USA - 20.00

UK - 60.00

Europe/Mexico/Caribbean - 90.00

Australia/New Zealand/Rest of the world - 100.00

Personal Service

Once your order has been confirmed, Mia will pick and pack your wetsuit(s) from her location in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.  We do our best to use the safest and most eco-friendly packaging for your wetsuit, for example our recyclable shipment packages are by Eco-Enclose

Once the package is ready, tracking information is sent out to you with a notification from your order.  Please keep an eye out for your package using the tracking information in case of any delays or notices posted there that require immediate attention and so you can be ready when it arrives!

NOTE:  Please use care in opening your wetsuit package!  Do not use any sharp devices that could unknowingly damage the wetsuit. 

All shipments are checked prior to being shipped and are not sent if there are any damages/imperfections. 

Shipments Outside of Canada/USA

Truli Wetsuits can ship to any country in the world!  For orders outside of Canada/USA, I usually use UPS.  I am not able to offer any exchange or refunds and any duty or custom fees that your country charges would be your responsibilityWhen the package arrives in your country, it is assessed and UPS will reach out to you with the duty required by your country as well as any fees for UPS if required.  Your wetsuit will not be released unless you pay this amount.  Orders to Canada and the USA do not have any duties or fees.

All shipments outside of Canada/USA are final sale. 

Shipping duration

Approximately 10 business days or 2 weeks, however none of the shipping agencies are guaranteeing arrival dates.  Depending on your location, the shipping is often much faster even outside of Canada/USA.

Returns, Exchanges & Resale

Now that the business is winding down, all sales are final and not eligible for exchange, return, or refund.

Resale if not eligible for Exchange/Return

Sisterhood of the Travelling Truli Wetsuit is where you can resell a wetsuit that you purchased and can't return because you're outside of North America, or maybe you've grown out of your old Truli Wetsuit?  Maybe you're just looking for a good deal!  Let your Truli travel to the next sea sister to enjoy!  Join the group on Facebook and post your used wetsuit for sale or let others know you're on the hunt for one. 

Possible Fees

-Credit card fees:  I am a Canadian business, so if you are not from Canada, you may want to check with your credit card company to see if there are any foreign transaction fees for your purchase