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Shipping, Returns, Exchange

Shipping - Canada/USA

Once your order has been confirmed, Mia will arrange shipping with a fulfillment centre either in Canada or in the US depending on the location of the inventory.  We do our best to use the safest and most eco-friendly packaging for your wetsuit, for example our recyclable shipment packages are by Eco-Enclose

Once tracking information is sent to Mia by the warehouse, she attaches it to your order and you will get a notification.  Please keep an eye out for your package using the tracking information in case of any delays or notices posted there that require immediate attention and so you can be ready when it arrives!

We are partnered with Stream2Sea in Florida who arranges some shipments and receives returns.  We are a huge fan and recommend all of their products, which can easily be included with your shipments coming from their warehouse if you'd like to add them to your order.

NOTE:  Please use care in opening your wetsuit package!  Do not use any sharp devices that could unknowingly damage the wetsuit. 

All shipments are checked prior to being shipped and are not sent if there are any damages/imperfections. 

Shipping - Rest of the World

I ship around the world usually with UPS.  All of the inventory is located in Canada where I am from with some stock in the USA.  I am not able to offer any exchange or refunds and any duty or custom fees that your country charges would be your responsibilityWhen the package arrives in your country, it is assessed and UPS will reach out to you with the duty required by your country as well as any fees for UPS.  Your wetsuit will not be released unless you pay this amount. 

As my business grows, I would like to be able to have Truli Wetsuits inventory in both Europe and Australia to make it more cost effective for anyone in the region. 

Shipping costs

Canada and USA - 20.00

Mexico/Caribbean/UK/Europe - 90.00

Rest of the world - 100.00

Shipping duration

Approximately 10 business days or 2 weeks, however none of the shipping agencies are guaranteeing arrival dates.  Depending on your location, the shipping is often much faster.

Returns & Exchanges

-Exchange:  There's such a small difference between the sizes, it's really helpful to try more than one size on.  If you're located in Canada/USA, I have the availability, and you agree, I can send more than one size in your shipment so you can compare (also, it is more cost effective to ship both at the same time rather than receiving one and then figuring out if you need another size shipped out afterwards). I can reimburse you the cost of returning the extra wetsuit to me (about 25-35.00).  We will discuss your fitting and then I provide instructions on the return.

-Return:  If the wetsuit(s) doesn't fit the way you'd like it to even after consultation, I ask that you return the wetsuit following my instructions at your expense.  When the wetsuit is returned back and and confirmed received in good condition, I will issue a full refund for the cost of the wetsuit (3.75% fee retained if you paid by PayPal).

You have 10 days from the day of receiving the wetsuit(s) to make your decision, consult with me, and initiate a return/exchange.

Possible Fees

-Credit card fees:  I am a Canadian business, so if you are not from Canada, you may want to check with your credit card company to see if there are any foreign transaction fees for your purchase