Hi! How have you been? E-Letters

I hate spam.  I know that all the marketing people tell me to send out a hundred emails.  But I can't bring myself to do that.  I can't stand having my inbox full of emails from people trying to sell me something, so I won't do that to you.

My goal is to keep in touch with you.  I know you're interested in wetsuits and I am so happy you've found Truli!  I want to create a relationship with you where you feel excited, curious, and happy to open an email from me. 

Introduce the "Hi! How have you been? E-Letters"! 

My goal is to send these out periodically to share a letter from me on what's been going on in my Truli world and to keep you in the loop on any sales and anything else that's been going on. 

I love hearing back from you, so always feel free to reply back and share your thoughts. 

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If you're interested in learning about following along on how the business has gotten to where it is today, take a peek at the "Hi! How have you beens" of the past…


March 14 The Final Story  Closing day. Story of Inventory. Wetsuit sell out.
May 14


🌱 The Essence of Motherhood

Motherhood reflections. Size availability update. Life of a wetsuit entrepreneur.
Mar 1 🏊‍♀️ Calling all Women's Wetsuit Visionaries!
Invite the community to take-over Truli Wetsuits and make it their own.  Plan is to sell off inventory by Fall 2024.  Sales available.
Dec 26 🌊 WETSUIT sale until Dec 31st  Announce no longer re-stocking and release a Size Availability chart to show what's left.  Big discount on items until Dec 31st
Nov 4
It's always been you ❤️

 A focus on customer happiness, learning about what you want, a pre-order sale that ended up being cancelled and how to sell your Truli.

 May 9 Preparing for a crossing

Learning and preparing to take Truli to the next stage.  Reserve your size for when the new inventory arrives.

November 6
A wetsuit = access to water sports for women!
Crowdfunding launches to raise funds through pre-orders to make sizes available in all styles.
September 12
I got knocked down, but I got up again
Truli in the times of COVID19, Pre-Order your size, Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit, BOGO Sale
 January 10 It's Party Time! Pop-up Party Schedule, Updated Mission


October 25 Unstoppable Tester's Choice Award, Designated Fitting Sites/Pop-up Fitting Parties, Black Friday Sale
June 5 Designated Fitting Site Announcement First Designated Fitting Site in Tobermory, Commitment to the Planet, Sharks4Kids
February 11 It's almost time New Products are on their way, Pre-Arrival Sale, Event Schedule, Donations
October 29 Pre-Arrival Sale Begins Truli-Size-Mi 21 Size Guide, Black Friday Sale, Size Feedback Needed
August 24 Your Wetsuit Wishes Have Finally Been Granted Truli-Size-Mi Naming Contest, New Products, 21 Sizes, Event Schedule
March 8 International Women's Day

International Women's Day, New Product Feedback Needed, Event Schedule

October 19 Black Friday Sale Truli Style Move Back to Canada, Black Friday Sale
July 9 Are You the Winner of a New Wetsuit? Summer Giveaway, New Products, Truli Girls, Reviews
April 21 Shhh Don't Tell Blue Wild Show, Product Development Help Needed, Reviews, Truli Girls
January 26 New Products! New Products, Reviews, Nomination, Pre-Arrival Sale
 November 18 First Black Friday Sale Black Friday Sale, Reviews, SingleDivers.com
May 19 Truli out in the world! New Retailers, Instagram, Truli Girls
February 25 First Retailer to sell Truli Truli Wetsuits available at Aquarius Scuba
February 11 First Trade Show Outdoor Adventure Show - Toronto
January 2 The first Hi! How have you been? E-Letter 2015 Milestones