Wetsuit Fitting Advice - Tips & Tricks

Here are my Tips & Tricks to make trying on a wetsuit for the first time go smoothly!  This information works well for true noobs as well as for seasoned wetsuit wearers…Make sure to watch the "How to remove a Truli" video first if you're trying the wetsuit on and you don't have a buddy around to help take it off!

The Fit!

I recommend putting the wetsuit on and off at least 3 times.  The first time you put the wetsuit on, it will feel SNUG!  The more you wear it, the more it starts to remember your body and also you start to get the hang of putting it on and how it feels.
NOTE:  If it's difficult to breathe, the wetsuit is not a good fit!

Set Yourself Up!

  • Dry skin
  • Cool room
  • Use a fan
  • Wear a lycra/shiny leggings/even a pair of pantyhose will do

NOTE:  These are tips for the 1st time you try a wetsuit.  The more you wear your wetsuit, the more you will learn all the little tricks that make it easy to put on even when you're sticky or wet already

Tips & Tricks - If you're more of a visual person, watch Mariette try the Truli-Ful the Beautiful, Truli-Hapi, and Truli-Capri wetsuits on at The Fitting Room in Tobermory.

  • Long hair up
  • Ensure the zipper is all the way down (and in the front!!!)
  • Putting on the wetsuit will be similar to putting on leggings or stockings NOT snowpants (if you've ever worn those!)
  • Fold the wetsuit down at the waist, so the bottom half is like a pair of shorts or leggings
  • Sit down
  • Put one foot in.  Before pulling the wetsuit up, move the ankle cuff so it's sitting in the right spot on your ankle.
  • Cinch the wetsuit up so it's sitting in the right spot on your knee.
  • Put your other foot in.  Do the same as above.
  • If you're trying a shorty, ensure the crotch is in the right spot and not low or it won't go over the shoulders properly.
  • Stand up.  It's time for the wetsuit wiggle!  This is an important step! 
  • To pull the wetsuit over your booty and belly, grab a hold of the folded part of the wetsuit on the fleece-lining.  Do not grab it by the shoulders and start pulling upwards.  Watch your nails and fingers on the shiny bit.  It's best to grab a hold by the fleece.  If it's sitting low on your crotch, it will be more challenging, so the cinching at the beginning will make a big difference here.
  • Once it's on halfway, put both arms into the sleeves at the same time.
  • Use your finger tips to pull the wrist cuffs so they are sitting in the correct spot on your wrists.
  • Cinch the sleeves up gently so they are sitting on the right spot on your shoulders.
  • Tuck the Truli Ribbon inside the wetsuit (you will need that for when you remove the wetsuit).

Zip up!

To remove the wetsuit using the Truli Ribbon, watch these videos (ideally before you try the wetsuit on!):
Full Instruction Video
Shorter Demonstration Video

If you have a sleeveless wetsuit, unzip all the way.  Then take either your right or left hand and feed it through the armhole - don't try to remove the wetsuit like you would a jacket! 

Everyone's body shape is so different along with our comfort level and needs.  Choose the wetsuit that feels the best right now!  Stay in touch with me and let me know how your fitting goes.