Wetsuits that are TRUE to the WOMEN who wear them!

Truli Wetsuits is a size-inclusive women's wetsuit company empowering people who identify as women to pursue their water adventure goals by ensuring they have a good quality wetsuit that fits.

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Online fittings are no longer available. Purchases can be made directly online, and Canadians have the additional option to send payment via E-transfer.

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The Final Story

Truli Wetsuits launched in 2016 with steady organic growth. Over the years, Truli introduced new styles and a unique size-inclusive system. Unfortunately, supply chain challenges prevent moving forward sustainably. Personal service ended on April 30, 2024 and remaining stock will continue selling online.

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Tester's Choice Award

ScubaLab tested several 5mm full coverage wetsuits for women and selected the Truli-Ful the Beautiful as their winner!

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Scuba Diving Women Explore a Quarry in Ontario, Canada


I just got my Open Water certification thanks in no small part to my Truli wetsuit!  I struggled so much (still do a little bit, to be honest) with think that my body doesn’t deserve to dive - but knowing there was an awesome suit out there designed to fit it gave me the confidence to push past that feeling (that and the awesome girls in the Plus Size Scuba Facebook group)!  It was so comfortable and kept me plenty warm and cozy.  I was the only one on the group not complaining about my wetsuit.  
I usually refuse to take pictures, but I asked my friend to take a post-dive picture of me in my suit and I hope it shows how strong your suit made me feel.  Thank you so much!


Truli Wetsuits is a creation of a truli inspired and wonderful woman. Thanks to Mia I can swim and paddle through the shoulder seasons and perhaps even in winter and feel warm, comfortable and confident. Mia was so helpful and supportive during the fitting which made me feel really comfortable looking into that big mirror. I would highly recommend her wetsuits to anyone! I will be back for sure.