Truli Wetsuits Values

Freedom and power to do what you want and to control what happens to you is empowerment  (Cambridge dictionary).  By offering quality wetsuits in sizes for everyBODY, Truli Wetsuits creates access to water sports.  With wetsuits that fit, women are empowered to participate fully in scuba diving, kitesurfing, paddling, surfing, swimming and other water sports.  With empowerment comes community.

"…If you feel you belong to a community, and that community makes you feel valued and accepted, you're more likely to be healthy. In fact, research shows that not only do our connections to others and the strength of those relationships make us less likely to suffer from poor health, strong social networks encourage engagement to community and willingness to take action."

Truli Wetsuits welcomes all to join the scuba diving and water sport community.  We recognize that the more we see ourselves in the communities we want to belong to, the more active and diverse the community becomes.  Truli Wetsuits strives to showcase all body types, ages, ethnicities in marketing and social media images.
With community comes advocacy.  
An active community of empowered people is a powerful force for positive change.  Truli Wetsuits advocates for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.  We make all of our business decisions with the environment in mind, have supported non-profit educators like Sharks4Kids and the Bagida'waad Alliance by donating 1% of all sales to their programming, and raise awareness on mental health associated with body image.  
Truli Wetsuits gives you all the reasons to LOVE wearing a wetsuit!