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The Truli Wetsuits Story

You deserve a women's wetsuit that is true to you!

My name is Mia Toose and I am the Truli Wetsuits designer and CEO with only one mission: to provide female water sport lovers with women's wetsuits that reflect their desire for both high performance gear and captivating style. Truli's signature design allows for more freedom in the water with less wetsuit all while keeping you warm and cozy!  A women's wetsuit that is true to the women who wear them. Bold, charming, and adventurous women who are discerning in the quality of their water sports gear and apparel. A women's wetsuit that is Truli theirs!

 Sexy women's wetsuit CEO Mia Toose by Truli Wetsuits

Mia's Experience

After several years of working in the scuba diving industry, I struggled to find a wetsuit that not only functioned well under strenuous conditions such as four scuba dives a day, but also reflected my individual style.

Time and time again, I listened to women from around the world who were not able to find what they Truli wished for in a wetsuit. So I, Ms. Scuba Diver, kiteboarder, ocean swimmer, and water-lover extraordinaire, decided to take on this challenge in hopes of helping all women everywhere and making their wetsuit dreams come Truli!

Women's wetsuit CEO Mia Toose by Truli Wetsuits

Mia's Ideas

I came up with the following key features that I had always wanted in a wetsuit for women:

Sleeveless to allow freedom of movement.

Whether you are slipping into your BCD for a scuba dive, training for an open water swim, or flying through the air with your kiteboard in hand, there will be no restriction in your shoulder area.

Women's wetsuit is sleeveless to maximize arm movement by Truli Wetsuits

Fleece-lined to keep your core warm.

Many women have to fight to keep warm during their water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, or kiteboarding.  Not only will the fleece do wonders to keep you warm in the water, it will keep you cozy while you are taking a break on dry land.

Ultraspan neoprene that gently slides over our womanly curves.

Putting on this super stretchy wetsuit will make you feel like a super heroine.  Pull it up over your hips like a comfy pair of jeans and it envelops your body becoming the best version of you.

Truli Wetsuits for women use ultraspan neoprene that slides on over our curves

Dura Glide Skin along the front and back torso for chest support and one unforgettable silhouette.

The sleek and sassy glide material is effective in shielding you from the elements at the same time, everything is held in place and ready for action, so you are 100% focused on your water adventure and not on a wardrobe failure.

Truli Wetsuits for women use duraglide skin on the front and back of the wetsuit for wind protection and a stunning sihouette.

Front zipper with a slight v-neck allows for easy on and easy off…with a touch of allure.

You choose your level of comfort pre and post water sport activity, full-zip, half-zip, or half-off. There are no pesky straps or pulls that interfere in your water play; no velcro to catch hair or scratch your skin. Simply easy on, easy off.

Truli Wetsuits for women feature a front zip for easy on and off.

Color blocking for a bold, sexy look.

Just enough curves and points in all the right places. Feeling good in your water sports gear lets your confidence shine so you can perform at your best.

Truli Wetsuits for women uses colour blocking for a bold and sexy look.

Form-fitting custom fit perfect for your body type.

The more you wear this wetsuit, the more it becomes Truli you! It learns your curves and becomes a second skin customized just for you.