Truli Community

Community is one of the three core values of Truli Wetsuits (learn more).  

"…If you feel you belong to a community, and that community makes you feel valued and accepted, you're more likely to be healthy. In fact, research shows that not only do our connections to others and the strength of those relationships make us less likely to suffer from poor health, strong social networks encourage engagement to community and willingness to take action."

Truli Wetsuits welcomes all to join the scuba diving and water sport community.  We recognize that the more we see ourselves in the communities we want to belong to, the more active and diverse the community becomes.  Truli Wetsuits strives to showcase all body types, ages, ethnicities in marketing images.

Keep in touch with the Truli Wetsuits Community and take a peek to see what we've been up to...

Social Media

We are on Facebook, Instagram, and have a YouTube channel.  All of the social media posts can be found in one place here on the website on the Truli Social feed

Truli Ambassadors

The original Truli Girls/Ambassadors applied to represent Truli:  The Original Truli Ambassadors/Truli Girls

Today, the Truli Ambassadors are the customers.  Join the "I heart my Truli" Facebook group to see all of the amazing women enjoying their water sports in their Truli Wetsuits.

Designated Fitting Sites

It's not enough to be able to purchase Truli Wetsuits online; in order to really demonstrate that scuba diving and water sports are for women of any shape and size, retailers need to showcase Truli Wetsuits for all their customers to see.  The Designated Fitting Site program was launched in 2019, but has been put on hold since COVID.

Social & Environmental Impact

An active community of empowered people is a powerful force for positive change.  Truli Wetsuits advocates for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.  We make all of our business decisions with the environment in mind, support non-profit educators like Sharks4Kids by donating 1% of all sales to their programming, and raise awareness on mental health associated with body image.