Care, Maintenance & Warranty

Here are some tips to ensure your Truli Wetsuit stays in top condition:

  • Lay your Truli Wetsuit flat or hang it up on a hanger when it’s not in use.  Leaving it rolled up in a bunch will cause wrinkles and crinkles!
  • Always rinse your Truli Wetsuit in fresh water as soon as you are done being awesome in it.  This prevents the salt or other debris from eating away at the neoprene and other materials used.  Salt and sunscreen will leave stains if not rinsed in fresh water.
  • Hang it up inside out!  The fleece-lining dries faster than the neoprene.
  • Pay attention not to lay your Truli Wetsuit out in the sun too long.  The shiny material gets very porous in the sun and allows small particles to stick to it if it gets too hot.
  • Take care not to catch sharp objects on the wetsuit including the zipper and finger nails!  The material is strong and durable, but small pits and slices can occur if this happens. 
  • Store with the zipper done up to avoid pro-longed creases at the bottom.
Welcome to the world of high performance wetsuits for women!
Enjoy your Truli Wetsuit for whatever water sport you choose.

Wetsuit Warranty

I conducted extensive testing of all of the Truli Wetsuits and confidently stand behind the quality of these products.  For your peace of mind, I have established a limited 24-month warranty from date of original purchase in the unlikely case that there is a defect in your purchase.  

This wetsuit warranty applies to manufacturing and material defects, such as seam separations or issues with stitching.  Other issues will be handled on a case by case basis.  Warranty claims should be submitted by the original owner of the new wetsuit to and include:

  • Description of the defect
  • Photos of the defect
  • Receipt 

Once a claim has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Mia at Truli Wetsuits.  Once authorized, the (dry!) wetsuit should be shipped at the customer's expense to Truli Wetsuits in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada (address to be supplied via email) for final review.  Submission of a claim does not guarantee a replacement or repair.  Each claim will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Truli Wetsuits reserves the right to deny a claim.

Warranty Does not Include:

  • Glideskin material on front/back/trim
  • Colour fading
  • Natural wear and tear, including pilling
  • Failure to follow the instructions of care and maintenance of your Truli Wetsuit
  • Misuse or negligence
  • Wetsuits used for non-recreational purposes, such as, but not limited to, water sport instruction or rental
  • Purchases made from unauthorized sellers and/or websites
  • Wetsuits sold "as is"

Depending on the defect, a replacement, credit, or repair may be offered by Truli Wetsuits once all necessary documentation has been provided by the customer and approved.  The replacement of the exact product is dependent upon availability; credit is up to the value of the original product purchased without tax. 

Shipping/handling/customs/duties are not included for any shipments involved in a warranty claim.

All wetsuits are checked to ensure good condition prior to shipping; use caution when opening your package - do not use sharp objects that could damage the wetsuit inside.