Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit - Pre-Loved BUY/SELL/TRADE

Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit is where you can resell a wetsuit that you purchased and can't return because you're outside of North America, or maybe you've grown out of your old Truli Wetsuit?  Maybe you're just looking for a good deal!  

Let your Truli travel to the next sea sister to enjoy!  

Join the group on Facebook and post your used wetsuit for sale or let others know you're on the hunt for one.  

The title for the group comes from the books and movies called "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants".  Have you read or seen the movies?  It's a cute coming of age story where 4 best friends separate over summer.  Before they leave they go shopping at a vintage clothing store and discover a pair of jeans that somehow fits each of their very different bodies perfectly.  They decide the secondhand jeans must be magical and over the summer, ship each other the pants for each girl to use.  It is a symbol of a bond among the girls as each experiences life changing events. 

Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit is a way to continue the life and enjoyment of a Truli Wetsuit (maybe in some ways it IS magical!).  I wanted to address a few issues that I know come up from time to time (as well as some longer term concerns) and this Buy/Sell/Trade group has become the answer to all of them!

If you've ever said any of these things below, the Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit - Pre-Loved Truli BUY/SELL/TRADE Facebook Group may be for you:

  1. I can't fit into my wetsuit anymore!  Our bodies change - They are supposed to!  So although your Truli size can adapt with weight gains and losses (stretchy!), you may need to actually change your size category.  Now you can re-sell your Truli to someone who can use it right now.
  2. My size is not currently in stock!  Purchasing inventory is a huge up front cost that is tough since I am still a small business.  I am definitely building and working on growing to always have your size available, but at this point in time, I may run out.  But don't worry!  You may be able to find someone who has your size and is willing to sell it to you.
  3. I purchased the wrong size!  I do my very best to fit you and offer a system for trying different sizes to figure out what's best for you, but at this time I can't offer returns or exchanges for customers outside of Canada and USA.  So, the wetsuits I ship to the UK and Europe and Australia (and beyond) are final sales.  If you end up with a Truli that you aren't perfectly happy with, see if you can re-sell it to someone in your area who can use it!
  4. I can't afford a new wetsuit right now - I need a discount!  This is an awesome way to find a deal.  And vice versa, maybe you are in a bind and not able to get in the water as much as you used to - why not get your Truli out of that closet and onto a woman who could use it ASAP!  And you can make a buck while you're at it!
  5. Wetsuits are not bio-degradable.  Yes, we are eco-conscious and using recycled parts, materials, processes and the manufacturing practices are making efforts to use less chemicals and waste water and more eco-friendly resources all while ensuring the integrity of the product. These are all positive steps towards having quality gear that is also gentle on our planet; however, the extensive research that I've done is that wetsuits are not really able to be broken down and recycled efficiently (yet).  More research needs to happen  within the wetsuit industry and I am always on the hunt for connections to people and businesses interested in innovation in this area.  Until we know more, we need to keep these wetsuits out of the garbage and landfills for as long as possible.  Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit focuses on re-purposing of the Truli Wetsuits that have served their time with a customer.  In the long-term I am working on a system to properly dispose of Truli Wetsuits once they are beyond repair. 

Before posting in the Sisterhood group, send us a message so you can know your Truli Size!

Truli-Size-Mi, please!

NOTE:  At the moment there are more people looking for wetsuits than selling, but I am working to keep communicating with past customers to make sure they know where to sell their pre-loved Trulis when they are ready!