Truli Wetsuits supports Windvibes 2016 in Turks & Caicos

Truli Wetsuits supports Windvibes 2016 in Turks & Caicos

Windvibes is the largest watersports event in the Turks & Caicos, aimed to promote watersports by bringing all people, regardless of skill level, out on the water.  Last year was the first event that I attended and played a part in announcing the Truli Wetsuits onto the watersport scene.

2016 marked the 10 year anniversary of the event that was founded by professional kiteboarder, Hope LeVin, at the young age of 13.   This year Hope wanted to make an even bigger impact on her community in Turks & Caicos and selected 10 charities that the event would raise funds for and donate to.  Considering my background in the non-profit sector prior to working in tourism, I wanted to get involved.  Hope accepted my assistance in administration and brainstorming power and I enjoyed supporting her in achieving her mission.

Windvibes 10 year anniversary

This was the first year that Windvibes hosted a Gala at the beautiful Opus restaurant.  Over a hundred people attended this stunning event with over 50 donations provided for the silent auction - including a Truli Wetsuit that resulted in a bidding war! 

Windvibes Gala 2016

Photo by Caya Hico

Over the years, Windvibes transformed from a strictly kiteboarding event to one that featured a range of watersports and games - from swimming and standup paddleboarding, to log-throwing and tug-of-war.  Kiteboarding requires wind, which is never a guarantee - and a series of windless Windvibes events encouraged the addition of other sports and activities. 

We were super fortunate this July 10th to have perfect wind conditions for exciting kiteboarding races and massive big air competitions.  We are very proud of our very own Truli Girls, Cesca Peirce who won 2nd place and and Truli Girl Irina Korolkevichi  in 3rd place in the Women's Kiteboarding Freestyle competition.  Irina also won 2nd place for Women's biggest air at 18.1ft! 

Big Air Competition winners - Truli Girl Irina Korolkevichi got second place - Windvibes 2016

Photo by Agile LeVin

Freestyle Competition with Truli Girls Irina Korolkevichi in third place and Cesca Peirce in second place - Windvibes 2016

Photo by Agile LeVin

While all of this was going on, I was busy running my little Truli Wetsuits beach booth with yet another impressive Truli Girl - Bianca Forzano who was selling her gorgeous Bianca Bikinis.  Together we had a blast connecting with the Windvibers and were so stoked to see so many women take an interest in our products.  My favourite was the mother-daughter team who purchased matching Trulis!

Truli Wetsuits at Windvibes 2016

 Photo by Madis Kaljur

Truli Wetsuits at Windvibes 2016

 Photo by Madis Kaljur

All in all it was an incredibly successful event that raised money for the following charities:

Turks & Caicos National Trust

Turks & Caicos Reef Fund

Food for Thought

Potcake Place

The HOPE Foundation for Autism Awareness

Turks & Caicos AIDS Awareness Foundation

Sandals Foundation

Turks & Caicos Kidney Foundation

Turks & Caicos Salvation Army

Turks & Caicos National Cancer Society

Truli Wetsuits is so happy that we were able to contribute through donations of products, volunteer time, and that two of our Truli Girls participated in events!

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