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Wetsuit Reviews & in the News — Black Manta Photography

Black Manta Photography's Unboxing Video, Blog, and Complete Review of a Truli Wetsuit!

Posted by Mia Toose on

Hayley and Richard are the owners of Black Manta Photography and are active contributors to the online scuba diving forum, Scubaverse.  Hayley agreed to review a Truli Wetsuit on their trip to Mauritius in October 2016.  Here is their unboxing video capturing Hayley's first impressions of her Truli Wetsuit and final review of the wetsuit!   Black Manta Photography.  "Truli Wetsuit Review:  The User Test & Conclusion - Part 2."  Online video clip.  YouTube.  YouTube, 16Nov16.  Web.  16Nov16. Truli Wetsuits. “Truli Awesome Wetsuit!” Hayley Eaude, November 16, 2016 Published. Black Manta Photography.  "Truli Wetsuit Review 'The Unboxing' - Part 1"  Online video...

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