The Final Story

March 14, 2024
It's been a year since I announced that I would not be moving forward with Truli. During that time I've been exploring what life could look like without being tied to the business…
I let Truli go to the backburner and lived the opposite of a boss-babe-side-hustle-go-getter lifestyle. I thought about what made me really happy and picked up a stint as a scuba instructor back on the boat I used to work on in Turks & Caicos, secured work at the harbour in Tobermory, updated my maritime credentials, learned how to operate a hyperbaric chamber and, my favourite, I became a certified freediver and swam next to a crocodile! But in the quiet days of this more gentle, non-entrepreneurial existence, I felt the heartbreak and disappointment of not being able to make things happen for Truli.
I had spoken about the possibility of a Truli "take-over" for anyone who had more capacity than me and set-out to make a pitch deck on the business. Although I worked diligently on all the parts whenever I felt up to it, I could never just pull it together (which emoji is the shameful sad face one again?).
The best I could do was write The Story of Inventory. It seemed to be at the core of everything. All the time I spent racking my brain trying to problem solve my way through things, it all came back to inventory (well, and wetsuit design - a story for another time). I feel like this story makes it clear how important it is to have the voices at the top reflect the ones who have been left out.  
I am ready to move on with my life and that means I need to finish things off with Truli. I've set a date of April 30th, 2024 after which time, online fittings will end.  Any remaining wetsuits after that time are self-serve online purchases and final sale with free shipping in Canada and United States.
Until next time - I'll see you on, in, or under the water!
Yours Truli,