Body Positivity - always being updated

Body Positivity - always being updated

I have so much to say about the Body Positive movement, Fatphobia, Diet Culture, Objectification and disordered eating.  But until I have the chance to the write the blog that I've been wanting to write, here's a page that I will continually update with content from experts in the field who Truli is aligned with.


"Pledge now to love your body by KNOWING IT IS GOOD, regardless of how it looks. Loving your body doesn’t mean you love your looks. If you only love your body when you love how you look, that is the most fleeting, fickle love imaginable. You’ll live with heartbreak every day. If your body only deserves your love when you like your appearance, that’s not really love, is it? Love is not conditional. Loving your body can’t be about adoring your looks, because that’s just infatuation or lust or objectification or something much more shallow. You deserve to love yourself in a much more holistic and secure way.
💗Loving your body has to be so much deeper than the fleeting and fickle high of seeing a good photo of yourself or liking your reflection or fitting back into those jeans again. Because if loving your body only goes skin deep, you’ll far too often live in the painful and lonely lows of failure when you see bad photos of yourself or hate your reflection or you don’t fit into those jeans.
🖤We live inside our bodies and have experienced them from the inside every day of our lives, but the thing that totally overpowers our thoughts and feelings about our bodies is how we think they LOOK. Having positive body image can’t be about how we think we look because we are MORE than bodies!
💗Your body is good. Regardless of how it looks or works. Regardless of how you feel about it. Regardless of who has objectified and dehumanized and oppressed you. Your body is a miraculous instrument. But it does not exist to *look* a certain way, so we have to stop evaluating it that way. Be an insider in your relationship with your body, not an outsider looking in. We need you out here.
👊🏽For more from Lexie & Lindsay Kite, PhDs, check out our body image resilience course, TEDx talk, latest podcasts & more at the link in bio!" #morethanabody #seemorebemore #beautyredefined

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