Buy One Get One Free!

I have so many of the original Truli-Mi and Truli-Capri styles, but in very limited sizes (sizes Freedom, Leader, Truth, Legend, and Fearless).  They are available as a 2 for 1 deal!
NOTE: Your order of this deal is a final sale - no returns or exchanges.
To take advantage of the sale just let me know which two colours and sizes you'd like and I'll forward an invoice for payment. You are welcome to mix and match with a Capri and a Mi. Sometimes women will take one of each of the sizes we recommend or you can go for 2 of the same - your choice!
2 x Truli-Mi $249.00+shipping
1 x Truli-Mi & 1 x Truli-Capri $299.00+shipping
Please note that these were from my first wetsuit order before I updated my Truli sizing system with non-traditional size names.  The size names in the Truli-Mi and Truli-Capri with orange fleece lining wetsuits have the manufacturer size names like XS, S, M, L, XL
Feel free to ask any questions about any of this!
Pick from current Size Availability
Don't know your size?  Fill in the Truli-Size-Mi form.


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