Crowdfunding Campaign - SOON!

Crowdfunding Campaign - SOON!

My goal is to create access to water sports for every woman by ensuring she has a good quality wetsuit that fits.  In so many cases a wetsuit will be the deciding factor on whether a woman will be able to participate or not and I am on a very focused mission to ensure women never have to sit on the sidelines due to lack of availability of gear.

It's been 5 years since I first launched Truli Wetsuits and to say I've learned a lot, well, it's an understatement!  At this time, I have 4 styles that women love and are using, but they are not yet available in all sizes and some of the more popular ones are out of stock already. 

Ensuring that all sizes in all styles are always available is my top priority; however, as a small startup business, I have some of my own limitations and I need your help!  The supply of inventory for my small business is not so easy to come about.  

Would you like to know more about the process?  Of course - it's interesting and you should totally know where your products come from!  So, I use a reputable manufacturer that's based in Taiwan with factories in other parts of Asia.  They are Bluesign Approved and are focused on working with companies who are interested in high quality and environmentally friendly wetsuits.  If you ask your other favourite brands who produces their wetsuits, I can almost guarantee, they are also using these same guys.  As an added benefit, Canada currently has a trade agreement with Cambodia where Truli Wetsuits are produced, so my duty fees are less when importing.  Approved by Bluesign and Approved by Canada and Quality Approved by You = cool. 

There are so many benefits of working with a manufacturer who has this level of expertise and reliability.  However, the challenge for a small business like Truli Wetsuits is that I must order A TON of wetsuits up front ($$$$) and the lead time is very long - it takes 3 months from the point of payment plus 1 month transit time to arrive in Toronto, Canada.

To off-set those initial costs and to really figure out which sizes are in demand BEFORE I place my order with the manufacturer, I've decided to finance the purchase of new inventory via Crowdfunding. 

The way Crowdfunding works is people like you "contribute" to a funding target in return for a "reward".  The rewards for my project will be the wetsuits in the sizes that you want.  But even if you don't want a wetsuit, you can still contribute and receive a reward from one of my partners, such as apparel and goods or services.  The capital raised will help me cover the costs of production, shipping, and import fees as well as the cost of using the crowdfunding service (I can't wait to reveal who I am going to use!).  And for people who contribute, you are able to purchase a wetsuit of your choice at a steep discount and help a small business move forward with the growth of their business without taking on debt or responsibility to investors. 

The only catch for you is that you will have to wait a few months to receive your Truli...Actually one other important catch is that if I don't meet my funding target, then I don't get the funds.  But that just means, we need to spread the word AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!  The more people who know, the better chance we will have.  Even people who don't need a wetsuit, but want to help a small business out, can make contributions and receive a reward still. 

The products that will be available for pre-order in all 21 sizes, which include plus and long torso sizes (also the introduction of at least one more size - maybe 2):

  • Truli-Capri 3.5mm sleeveless capri in Harmony green/blue/pink 
  • Truli-Mi 3.5mm sleeveless shorty in Into the Blue 
  • Truli-Hapi 3.5mm long-sleeve shorty in Black and Queen Angel Blue 
  • Truli-Ful the Beautiful 5.5mm full coverage polkadot 

All have the cozy black fleece lining

NOTE:  I know many of you have been asking for new products, specifically a 7mm.  I've decided to put a hold on development for the moment especially since women have been able to layer any of the 4 current styles and thicknesses.  Other styles are coming, so don't worry!  I just need to prioritize making sizes available with what's already here FIRST.

Other rewards available for contriubtions that are not wetsuit-related:

If you have ideas or want to contribute your product or service - get in touch.

I am putting the final touches on the campaign, which will be announced in the coming weeks.  Please let anyone and everyone know about the campaign as much as possible - All contributions will help!

Thank-you as always for all of your support!  I'm so lucky to have all of you!

Some photos of the behind the scenes shipments over the years - That is my oh so happy wetsuits are here expression apparently...

2019 - Receiving the Truli-Ful the Beautiful and Truli-Hapi styles in all 21 sizes.
2017 - Receiving Truli-Capri and Truli-Mi in Pashy Passion Pink

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