IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - May 7 - Truli Production Schedule Update

IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - May 7 - Truli Production Schedule Update

Spring has arrived!  Up here in Canada, daffodils are blooming, green buds on trees are emerging, and birds are chitter-chattering excitedly.  I’ve dived into the Great Lakes for a couple of frigid dives and my paddle adventures have been without ice and snow - Yay! 

Since the last update in early January, I've connected with each of the 97 pre-order customers, collected sizing information, assigned sizes, and arranged to ship out wetsuits from current inventory if it was available.  So far 19 pre-orders from current inventory have been shipped and received (with 16 more to go!).  There are approximately 15 people who have not given me their measurements, so I do not know which size you are!  Please do get in touch ASAP if you haven't already done so (reminder - measurements will be checked again prior to shipments, but I need to know now so I have an idea of what range you're in).

For those of you who are still waiting patiently and excitedly for your new Truli, the good news is that the manufacturer has informed me that production is on schedule to be complete for JULY 7TH - Woo Hoo!  Bad news is the broker and shipping experts have advised that they are unable to predict how long it will take for the wetsuits to arrive here in Canada for distribution.  Pre-COVID, shipments took a month from completion to distribution.  Let’s stay optimistic!

So what’s going to happen to Truli, you might be wondering?  I’ve been contemplating that too!  If you can recall all the way back in November 2020 when I organized the crowdfunding campaign, my biggest challenges of keeping Truli going was the large Minimum Order Quantities required by the manufacturer along with needing to pay large amounts of money up front.  Once I placed the inventory order with the pre-order funds in December, the manufacturer gave me a crazy long lead time and added more costs to what I’d already paid (Read More) - I admit, I was feeling a bit defeated at how I could keep Truli going.

With COVID19 interrupting the supply chain, raw resource prices have been rising and overseas shipping and trade routes have been disrupted.  But I am a die hard problem-solver and I had many ideas and thoughts on how to approach these challenges.  I have been seeking expert advice and insights and with guidance, I've been starting to define possible avenues for how I can continue serving women who need wetsuits so they can get in the water!

During this first quarter of 2021 I’ve completely dived into re-evaluating my business structure and discovering how to move Truli forward in a sustainable and profitable way.  In January, I was accepted into a business incubator program at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design - Fashion Zone.  I’ve been receiving mentorship from the President of a medium-size production company in my county through the Grey-Bruce Catapult program, as well as ongoing coaching from the IFundWomen team on how to prepare myself for investors.  

This updated vision and plan of action will be announced on Sunday in my quarterly Hi! How have you been E-Letter (Sign-up!).  Also, I will be making it possible for anyone to reserve their size from this next inventory batch (pre-orders are already reserved - don't worry!!).  I’m expecting these to sell out quickly - so, if you know of anyone who needs a wetsuit, please do let them know so they don't miss the opportunity.

Until our next update, stay safe, breathe in the fresh air that is always around us, and know that your new Truli is in the pipeline ❤️!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

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