IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Nov 30 - 28,748USD - Good to GO!

IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Nov 30 - 28,748USD - Good to GO!

Well, talk about going above and beyond!  We actually got to 51% of the original target - which is crazy impressive to accomplish in such a short period of time.  As much as I prepared for this campaign and had SO MUCH help and support from everyone, there was a very big learning curve.  I feel like we skipped over leaps and bounds and just went straight to flying, which is more my style anyway....

I have a few personal emails still to send out to the last minute orders, but this is a reminder that if you pre-ordered a wetsuit - please send over your height, weight, bra size, bust, waist, hip measurements if you haven't already done so.  As you know, I will be reconfirming before I ship out next year, but I really need to have a good sense of the range of sizes to include in my order especially since it will be reduced due to the reduced target.

I will continue to make updates here, but I will also be creating a mailing list specific to this group to keep you in the loop (with the option to opt out if you prefer).

But in the meantime, LET'S CELEBRATE!  Here are all the reasons to do so...

Total collected in USD through the campaign is 25,194USD as of today with 3,554USD converted from Canadian dollar orders 

Total raised to date from all currencies:  $28,748USD

Total Funders to date:  138

  • Total Wetsuit Pre-Orders:  93 (116.25% of new target-80)
  • Partner Rewards from Stream2Sea, Scuba Sisters, Truli Apparel:  28
  • Exclusive Experience ~ Dive with Mia:  2
  • Monetary Contributions:  9 
  • I Believe in You! Contributions:  6

~1% of all wetsuit orders will be donated to Sharks4Kids as well - $238.63~

BTW - Thank-you so much for all the notes and words of encouragement and personal stories you added to your orders that I got to read while I was organizing and counting orders each night.  They Truli made each of my days throughout the campaign!

I'll be in touch again soon,


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