Healthy Choices, Healthy Planet!

Healthy Choices, Healthy Planet!


Yes, a lot of destruction has been done to our beautiful planet at the hands of humans.  But it doesn't have to continue on that path.  At times you may feel helpless in the grand scheme of things, I know I do, but the truth is, the small steps each of us takes really is the movement for change.  Customers drive the decisions for business owners.  When you demand a different course of action, good business responds, and good manufacturers respond.  Every little choice you make can make the difference!

These are the choices I've made for Truli Wetsuits as well as in my personal life.  They may seem small, but they are what I can do right now and will continue to do until I can figure out even better ways to make even more positive impact.  Do you do any of these things? 

My Healthy Choices…

  • Use even more eco-friendly wetsuit materials and processes including:
    • Neoprene sustainably sourced and produced from limestone
    • Recycling and re-purposing material for the production of the wetsuits, such as waste rubber tires and plastic bottles
    • Water-based glues instead of solvent-based
    • Water conserving yarn dying processes for threads
    • Using a manufacturer that has received the Bluesign System Partner certification
  • Use eco-friendly packaging
    • Ensure that the manufacturer does not individually wrap each new wetsuit in plastic
    • Utilizing shipping materials that are 100% recycled content, post-consumer and post-industrial material, fully recyclable and/or re-usable; manufactured in the USA ~ Eco-Enclose


  • Moved to E-content for labelling, marketing, and letters
      • No tags included on the wetsuits that are just torn off and put in the garbage when received by the customer
      • Care and info letters are sent electronically instead of as paper inside the package
      • Re-usable and recyclable bags for when shopping in person at shows
      • No excess marketing materials that will be put in the garbage when the customer receives their wetsuit
  • Support educational programs that inform the public on conservation efforts, such as Sharks4Kids.  Truli Wetsuits donates 1% of all wetsuit sales to help them achieve their mission to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials. 

Sharks4Kids logo

  • Eco-conscious sun and skincare products by Stream2Sea that also uses eco-friendly packaging

Stream2Sea sunscreen

  • Travel with a re-usable water bottle and coffee cup
  • Request no straw with my drink orders
  • Bring my own bags for my personal shopping
  • No balloons at parties
  • Natural solution (aka saliva) for prepping my mask before scuba

Never forget that each of us has the power to make choices that will impact the people and world around us.

Post below to let everyone know what healthy choices you make!

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