2015 milestones of women's wetsuit company Truli Wetsuits

2015 milestones of women's wetsuit company Truli Wetsuits

Dear Friends,

The last 8 months have been quite the adventure and I promise I will write more often from now on!  I thought long and hard about the concept of email newsletters and wanted to create something that everyone would want to read.  From my personal experience, I rarely have the chance to read official newsletters even if I am super interested in the topic.  

And that's where I came up with the idea of "How have you been?" As many of you know, I travel a lot and am away from my family and friends most of the time.  I can't tell you how excited I get when I receive an email of updates telling me how they have been.  And so, I have created the Truli Wetsuits "Hi!  How have you been?" newsletter to stay in touch with all of you wonderful people from various beaches, boats and travels.  I want to stay in touch with you and this will be my way!

My goal is to send letters to you periodically that you would love to receive from a friend (me!) on what's been happening.   I won't go into too much detail, so you can do a skim and scan and be on your way, but please always feel free to write me back and stay in touch!  I really do love hearing from you.  

Today's letter shows a timeline of some major progressions that have happened with Truli Wetsuits and me in 2015.    

I hope you all have had lovely holidays and have big plans for some water play in 2016 - I know I do!

Yours Truli,
Mia Toose

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2015 Milestones

January 2015 - While onboardThe Turks & Caicos Explorer II, I began testing the second prototype with the amazing women I met through Aquatic Adventures' Humpback Whale encounters in The Dominican Republic.

Truli Wetsuits snorkels with Humpback Whales with Aquatic Adventures while working onboard The Turks & Caicos Explorer II

May 2015 - I left my full-time job as Purser on The Turks & Caicos Explorer II scuba liveaboard, so I could focus 100% of my time on starting Truli Wetsuits.

June/July 2015 - Photo shoots!  I did a zillion impromptu photo shoots with water women all over The Turks & Caicos Islands during Wind Vibes 2015 and any other chance I could get!  I also had my first professional photo shoot done in The Dominican Republic with Genesis Reyes Photography.

Truli Water Women checking out the beach for snorkelling in The Turks & Caicos Islands

August 2015 - Writing, compiling, re-organizing, editing, and prepping content and photos for the website!

September 2015 - Launch of www.TruliWetsuits.com e-commerce store and marketing campaign begins!  I go back to work temporarily on the scuba liveaboard for 8 weeks.

November 2015 - The first shipments of the Truli Wetsuits were shipped out to some amazing water women all over the world!  My first ever product photo shoot with Chris Frampton Photography in Toronto, Canada.

Truli Wetsuits Macro Product shots of logo

December 2015 - The Truli Wetsuit product is now for sale in kiteboarding school Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding located in the top kiteboarding and scuba diving destination of Cabarete, The Dominican Republic.

Truli Wetsuits for sale at Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding in Cabarete, The Dominican Republic

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