Hi! How have you been? Shhhh...Don't Tell! April 2017

Hi!  How have you been?  Shhhh...Don't Tell!  April 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017


Weeeee!  We're at the end of April, which means that Spring weather has pretty much arrived, which also means that Summer is just around the corner!  

Over here in Truli-land, I've been fortunate to endure most of winter in the Turks & Caicos with a brief stint in Toronto to renew my passport and pick up the new Truli products I've been talking about for the last couple months...of course this happened in a snow storm.  But thankfully I had my dad and brother lending a hand as usual :)

It's been a very productive first quarter of 2017 and it's all thanks to you!  As more and more women purchase and receive their wetsuits, more and more of you are talking about it and sharing their love for Truli...I think that's called "Word of Mouth marketing"...or something like that :-P  

So, in this "Hi! How have you been?" e-letter, you will find

  • A little sale for this weekend only to celebrate my exhibitors booth at The Blue Wild
  • A request from me to you on input for the next Truli product.  Complete the survey now.
  • Truli Wetsuits Reviews & in the News - The latest 
  • Connections - My recommendations on the best kiteboarding and scuba diving groups for women
  • Featured Truli Girls - 3 new amazing water women!
  • Featured Retailer:  Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all. Feel free to message me, let me know about your Truli experience by writing a review on the Shop Truli Wetsuits page or on the Truli Wetsuits Facebook page.  My next email will be out at the end of JULY!

All the best and happy water play,

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

Hook Me Up!

Truli Wetsuits is at The Blue Wild Ocean Expo - Booth #313
Saturday, April 22   10am - 7pm
Sunday, April 23   11am - 7pm
Broward County Convention Center
Ft.Lauderdale Florida USA
"Where ocean lovers come together for freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing, fishing, lobstering, paddleboarding, surf, marine art, U/W photo/video, adventure travel, beach apparel and accessories, boats, kayaks, water toys and more!"

I need your help with Product Development!

As you may have heard, the next product from Truli Wetsuits will be the Truli-Top.  This top will be a long-sleeved neoprene top of either 1mm or 2mm thickness possibly lined with fleece.  It is meant to be worn underneath the Truli-Mi or Truli-Capri as added warmth and skin coverage or on its own.  My goal is to create something that you have always wanted and needed.  So please let your ideas flow and tell me everything that you could possibly want and I'll do what I can to make it happen!
Complete this survey and/or email me with your input at mia@TruliWetsuits.com

Truli Wetsuits Reviews & in the News

Mary Booth is the Editor of the best resource for kiteboarding - IKSurfMag.  She was keen to give a Truli-Mi wetsuit a go in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and offered her insights into using the wetsuit for kiteboarding.

"The first thing that strikes you about the suit, before you’ve even put it on, is the soft fleece lining. Often a shorty will be made from a much thinner neoprene designed to keep the chill off during the summer months, or late evening sessions in tropical climates. The Truli-Mi seems to be aiming for something more, and despite being sleeveless is made from 3.5mm neoprene with this teddy bear style soft lining."

Mary provides a thorough and detailed review and we definitely recommend you keep an eye on the IKSurfMag as Truli will be popping up in there again soon!

Follow IKSurfMag on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

ScubaDiverLife.com is a leading global digital media company and publication that informs, inspires and entertains scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts around the world.  Scuba Diver Life is redefining the diving industry by capturing and shaping digital media content with a fresh voice, new formats and cutting-edge videos to a uniquely dedicated audience of over 1 Million. 
I decided to submit my Press Release announcing the new Pashy Passion Pink Truli-Mi as well as the Truli-Capri to them and was excited to see the buzz that it created.  So far there have been 999 shares from the website, 786 "Likes" on their Facebook post with 51 comments and 88 "Shares" on Facebook. It's great to see Truli starting to get recognized in the diving world!
Check out more Truli media sightings in:
Girls That Scuba
Kiteboarding 4 Girls
Pensacola News Journal

Or click on the entire list here.

Contact me at mia@TruliWetsuits.com if you'd like to review or feature Truli Wetsuits in your publication!


There seem to be some pretty awesome communities specifically for women that I want to give a shout out to:

Women's Kiteboarding Community
Welcome to the Women's Kiteboarding Collective! A private place for ladies only to connect, inspire, learn and teach. 

We are passionate kiteboarding women looking to share our knowledge, stoke, travels, struggles, and expertise or ladies interested in learning our great sport. 

Make sure to check out the "rules" and guidelines as they are very strict as to when and where you can advertise.  I'm totally loving hearing about everyone's experiences and the very cool environment to share!

Girls That Scuba
This is a group for all scuba-loving girls to share their tips and stories as well as ask for help and advice on anything scuba related. Join in and be a part of an awesome community of Girls that Scuba! 

This is essentially the same concept and vibe as the kiteboarding group, but for scuba! Highly recommend joining in and definitely sign-up for their newsletter for some cool discounts on dive gear. Sarah Richard loves to give shout-outs to start-ups and small businesses like Truli!  


We've got some serious new Truli Girl talent to complement the Ambassadors who are actively representing Truli.  These three water women from the USA are remarkable, inspiring, and talented!  All of them approached me with an interest in representing for Truli and happily went through the screening process.  This process allows me to see which women are in line with the image of Truli Wetsuits, how committed they are to helping Truli succeed and let's me get to know them a little better.
I'll let you be impressed when you read each of their Bios along with the other Truli Girls here and we look forward as they begin to post themselves in action in their new Truli Wetsuits!

Cate Siniscalchi (Utah/USA)

Instagram:  @CateSiniscalchi
Twitter:  @Killa_C8

Taylor Zima (Florida/USA)

Instagram:  @TaylorZima

Jessica Carpenter (California/USA)

Instagram:  @JessicaCarpenterr

Featured Retailer

These are the Top 5 Reasons you need to make Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding a part of your Dominican Republic kiteboarding vacation...oh, and they sell Truli Wetsuits there too <3

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