Hi! How have you been? I've got new wetsuits for you! January 2017

Hi! How have you been?  I've got new wetsuits for you! January 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017


Now that you're a few weeks into 2017 and you've stopped writing 2016 on everything, how do you feel? What's your vibe? Are you cheerfully treading new tracks or maybe feeling slightly nostalgic to some doors that were closed last year? Well, my 2017 Truli wish for you is that you are moving in a direction you find fulfilling and, of course, involves some happy water play! 

This month, I took the time to reflect on everything that happened during my first "official" year in business.  With all the previous years spent on product development and business planning, 2016 was actually spent on the fun part - selling wetsuits! And, if I might humbly add, I feel very proud of how far Truli Wetsuits has come.

I want to say that I listened very carefully to everybody's feedback and came up with some new products that I think you're really going to love!  With that in mind, I am continuing with product development and will be complementing the current collections with even more Truli awesome water wear.  So stay tuned!

I'm not sure if it's possible for you to feel my excitement through words in an email, but my enthusiasm is overflowing as I formally introduce my newest products, the Truli-Mi in Pashy Passion Pink and the Truli-Capri in Harmony and offer you a BIG discount in honour of my giddiness.  You'll also have a chance to read about the latest reviews and accolades.  We've been warmly welcomed into the women's kiteboarding market and although I've been working hard to get the same recognition for our scuba girls, the scuba diving industry is a lot more challenging to break into for new female-specific products. Let's see what 2017 will bring!  

Below you will also learn about all of the incredible destinations our Try a Truli partner, Single Divers, can take you as well as an introduction to our newest Truli Girl!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all. Feel free to message me, let me know about your Truli experience by writing a review on the Shop Truli Wetsuits page or on the Truli Wetsuits Facebook page.  My next email will be out at the end of April!

All the best and happy water play,

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

PS For any water women in the south Florida, USA area, I will be exhibiting at the consumer trade show, The Blue Wild, in Ft.Lauderdale at the end of April.  I'll be featuring all of these products, so it's a great place to drop by, Try a Truli, and say 'hi'!

Hook Me UP!

Truli Wetsuits for women introduces the Truli-Mi in Pashy Passion Pink and the Truli-Capri.  Truli Sexy You.

Truli-Mi in Pashy Passion Pink

I initially wanted to steer clear of the colour pink as I had listened to so many women complain that that was how mainstream wetsuit companies distinguished girl-gear from boy-gear.  But I also couldn't deny the requests over and over again by women asking me for PINK on their Truli Wetsuits!  I think that the cut, style, and quality of Truli Wetsuits is what makes this product distinguishably high performance "girl-gear" and a touch of pink is just an added lovely bonus.  Follow your heart, follow your passion.  Fall in love with water sports in your Truli-Mi wetsuit in Pashy Passion Pink!  

Truli-Capri in Harmony

In addition to pink, women were also asking for a bright and colourful wetsuit and longer legs.  In keeping with my mission to provide an alternative to mainstream style wetsuits without compromising performance, I decided to stick with my signature design, but made two small but impressive changes and thus the Truli-Capri was born!  I lowered the leg to just below the knee for an even warmer wetsuit and increased skin coverage; and just for fun, I put a cute and sexy little dip along the backside of the trim under the knee.  The shiny front and back duraglide skin that protects you from the elements is now a beautiful ocean blue hue!  The super stretchy ultraspan neoprene is a vibrant green to symbolize growth and balance with an added touch of unconditional love in pink trim. But we all know that it's what's on the inside that really counts! To ensure you feel all warm and cozy, your Truli-Capri wetsuit is lined with radiant orange fleece. When everything comes together in just the right way, we call it Harmony. Vibrant outside colours in tune with the sea matched with blazing orange fleece-lining to ignite your spirit! 

I have been wearing the tester Truli-Capri for the past couple months on dive trips and at the beach kiting and I can't tell you how fun it has been to be the ONLY ONE not wearing a black wetsuit, not to mention, how many women (and men!) came up to me and told me how much they loved it!

A Size UP!

Finally, there was one last and VERY important addition to the Truli Wetsuits collections - I have added an additional size. Due to the protective duraglide layer across the chest, some women who have a little more boobaliciousness to them have decided to to move one size up.  Considering the ultraspan is super stretchy across hips and booty, the one size up has proven to be a good and breathable solution.  Truli Wetsuits will be available to every body shape and size...it just might take awhile so stay tuned! For now, we are offering six sizes for select designs.

From January 27 - February 28th, 2017
At checkout use discount code:  TRULI25
Applies only to
Truli-Mi Pashy Passion Pink
Truli-Capri Harmony

Receive your wetsuit in March 2017


Truli Wetsuits Reviews & in the News

Mommy Gearest reviews a Truli Wetsuits for women

Mommy Gearest features product and services reviews.
Andrea Traynor is a scuba mom and professional product and service tester for Mommy Gearest - The blog devoted to all-things-family!

"The fit of my Truli Wetsuit is amazing. Womanly. Cut in all the right places with some really flattering features."  

I love her straightforward and fun style of writing and especially her honest reflections on her experience with her Truli Wetsuit as she mentions both the good and the less than perfect - Check it out here.
Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @MommyGearest.
Kite Sista is the online hub for all things kiteboarding for women.
Kite Sista is the leading source for everything kiteboarding for girls. Kiteboarding is a thrilling and stylish sport in many ways like scuba diving.  It is gear intensive, requires professional instruction to learn, and has a unique combination of pure adrenaline and serene meditation.  

Their annual Reader's Choice awards hand picked a select group of kite girl entrepreneurs whose brand they felt were contributing positively to the kiteboarding scene and then asked their reader's to vote.  Although we didn't win this award (this time!), it was pretty amazing to be recognized during our first year in business. And we couldn't be prouder of the winner - one of our very own Truli Girls ~ Bianca Forzano of Bianca Bikinis!  
Check out more Truli media sightings in:
Ocean Allison podcasts
Girls That Scuba

Or click on the entire list here.

Contact me at mia@TruliWetsuits.com if you'd like to review or feature Truli Wetsuits in your publication!


Truli Wetsuits and Single Divers partnership 

In my last email, we announced our new partnership with SingleDivers.com.  Single Divers is a travel company that caters to scuba divers who don't have a scuba buddy and organizes trips around the world for them.  It's a super fun group to meet new scuba friends AND, if you're a woman, you'll have the added bonus of being able to Try a Truli on your trip and then receive a 10% discount on all products!

Here is a list of their upcoming trips:
Feb 26 - Mar 5 ~ Maldives
Feb 11 - 18 ~ Bonaire
Apr 15 - 22 ~ Tobago
May 27 - Jun 10 ~ Dominica 
July 8 - 15 ~ Honduras
Aug 25 - Sep 1 ~ Florida, USA
Sep 9 - 16 ~ Cayman Islands
Oct 7 - 21 ~ Philippines
Nov 18 - 25 ~ Turks & Caicos (Yay!)
Dec 30 - Jan 6 ~ Saba/St.Kitts

Just give a shout to Kamala and she'll get you connected with your most perfect scuba diving vacation!

Featured TRULI GIRL!

The featured Truli Girl is Lindy Brown of Outdoor Gulf Coast and Rising Blue

We are so pleased to announce our newest Truli Girl, Lindy Brown of Outdoor Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida!  Lindy is a passionate water woman, business woman, mother, an artist, and soon to be the leader in her new non-profit, Rising Blue where she will use water sports as an outlet for healing and growth.  Read more about Lindy and our other impressive Truli Girls now!
Follow Lindy
Instagram:  @OutdoorGulfcoast @ecolindy @risingblue_
Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/OutdoorGulfCoast

And don't forget to tag your #TruliWetsuits photos to be featured on the @TruliWetsuits IG feed!


The Blue Wild ocean lovers exhibition in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida USA

Truli Wetsuits will be exhibiting at this consumer trade show.  Come visit me, try a Truli, and say 'hi'!
April 22 & 23, 2017
Broward County Convention Center
Ft.Lauderdale Florida USA
"Where ocean lovers come together for freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing, fishing, lobstering, paddleboarding, surf, marine art, U/W photo/video, adventure travel, beach apparel and accessories, boats, kayaks, water toys and more!"

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