Hi! How have you been? What's stopping you?

Hi! How have you been?  What's stopping you?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Hello from Tobermory, Ontario, Canada!

How have you been?  I'm so glad that we've kept in touch!  My first season in the shipwreck capital of Canada with Divers Den was a fascinating whirlwind of crazy Canadian tourists, awesome diving, snorkelling, paddling, and even a bit of kiting.  I've loved being surrounded by stunning nature and amongst so many passionate water people.  Could this be the place I finally call home?  Travel will always be a part of my life, but as the business grows, a homebase makes things so much easier.  I feel happy here! 

If you've been following along since I began this neoprene life (almost 3 years ago!) you'll know that I started these quarterly E-Letters as a non-spammy way to keep in touch with the many people I've met on the beach, boat, shows, online, and, of course to connect with my amazing customers! 

So for this letter, I dove right in and excitedly started writing all kinds of things that I couldn't wait to share with you.  In one of my drafts, I wanted to include how many E-Letters I had sent out, so I went back to check and ended up reading each one.  And let me tell you - doing these letters is a FANTASTIC way to document your life. 

On that note, I kinda inspired myself with how far I've come (pats self on back 💁‍♀️).  If you saw my Facebook post, I decided that the theme of this E-Letter is "Unstoppable".  Sometimes when you are in the midst of everything that is going on and the burdens of life make you focus on what's immediately in front of you, you somehow miss all the progress you've made.  My past E-Letters made me realize that for every barrier that crosses our path, there is always a way around it.  Which means we are Truli unstoppable in whatever we want to achieve.

I am so very proud to share some accomplishments and new endeavours with you in my 15th E-Letter.  I hope they will inspire your own unstoppable-ness!  For me, I still consider this the beginning of what is to come.

As always, I love to hear your input and feedback - so please don't hesitate to reply back and keep in touch! 

Happy Water Play Always!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

PS For dive professionals who will be at DEMA - I am extending the Black Friday sale to any purchases made during the show!

Hi! How have you been? E-Letter photos since 2015

Designated Fitting Sites title

Truli Wetsuits is setting up Designated Fitting Sites in partnership with your Local Dive Shop or retailer so you can be professionally fitted for a Truli in person.  Wetsuits for everyBODY displayed not only online, but in our communities - Yes, Please!  More access to wetsuits = more women participating in diving and water sports. 
Retailers can get started right away by purchasing size sets or by scheduling a Truli Pop-up Party at their place of business.  Nominate your local shop or message me to express your interest!  Bookings begin at the DEMA Show for dive professionals November 13 - 16, 2019 - Booth 2110.
Dive industry press release

Carol and Mia at the Designated Fitting Site in Tobermory, Canada at Divers Den

Customer Carol (and others!) talk about their experiences purchasing their wetsuits at the Truli Wetsuits - Designated Fitting Site at Divers Den in Tobermory, Ontario

 Reviews & in the News title

The Truli-Ful the Beautiful was selected as TESTERS CHOICE by Scuba Diving Magazine's ScubaLab review team! ScubaLab uses a very thorough system to review each wetsuit in the industry and the Truli-Ful was up against my top competitors!  It's the most amazing feeling to work so hard for so long on something and to receive this recognition.  I love that people are loving Truli Wetsuits.  I also love that they referred to the pattern as "Funfetti".  Why didn't I think of that name?!?

The made-for-a-woman comfort is the reason the Truli-Ful is our ScubaLab Testers Choice for women’s suits.

Although this industry nod is second to none, the most effective mode of advertising so far has been the word of mouth direct from Truli customers.  I reached out to a couple of people who purchased from the new Designated Fitting Site at Divers Den as well as a couple who purchased online to share their experience with you.  If you're a retailer who is interested in having a Designated Fitting Site at your shop, you should definitely read the feedback from the Divers Den owners also included here

Sale title

Once a year I offer a mega discount and this November I am even including shipping within USA and Canada!  Use code:  ILOVEWETSUITS to receive 25% OFF all wetsuits. Discount available between Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2019

Black Friday Sale plus size wetsuits

New Products title

I've received a beautiful and WARM 7mm prototype (Note: The polkadot pattern seen on the prototype will not be on the final product!  Can you tell that the chest area is not Glideskin like all the other Truli Wetsuits?).  I'm still debating the zippers on the wrists and need to do some final adjustments, but I'm considering launching a Kickstarter campaign for it.  With support, I'd be able to place the inventory order and get this to you faster!  Reply back to this email if this might be something you'd consider!
~ Click the image to view my reaction after my first dive in it.  As well as to find out my opinion on whether to tuck your boots inside or outside the leg of your wetsuit!~

Sharing my thoughts after taking the new 7mm Truli Wetsuits prototype for a dive at The Lighthouse in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada. I'm debating whether to keep the zippers on the sleeves - I don't think they are needed. What do you think?

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