Introducing our newest and amazing Truli Girls!

Introducing our newest and amazing Truli Girls!

Being a Truli Girl is not just wearing a wetsuit and taking cool photos of you in it.  It's about representing all that Truli is.  

These days I have been working diligently on creating a beautiful Instagram feed with the help of Truli's amazing graphic designer, Sophie Garden.  I've been able to meet so many fascinating women who are Truli in love with the ocean, lake or sea and play hard in it!  In the beginning of Truli, I sought out some incredible ocean babes who I had met over the years and asked if they would represent Truli.  These days, girls are reaching out to me and telling me how much they love the wetsuit and negotiating a partnership. 

You just have to meet these two new Truli Girls who will simply impress your flip flops off!  I feel so proud to have them in the Truli family and look forward to supporting each other along this awesome ride!

Jillian Morris-Brake

Jillian is crazy about sharks and she wants everyone to know about it! She is the founder of the non-profit, Sharks4Kids, is the author of a brand new children's book called "Norman the Nurse Shark", and she is also a scuba dive instructor, free-diver, professional underwater photographer and videographer!  The list goes on and on!  With a following of just about 16 000 on Instagram, she has certainly left an impact not only on social media, but around the world as she seeks to educate children on sharks.  Jillian approached me on Instagram and I knew immediately that having her as a part of the Truli family was a natural decision.  I am so happy she loves her Truli Wetsuit!  Read more about Jillian on the Truli Girls in The Bahamas page.

Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Jillian Morris-Brake by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @BiminiSharkGirl


Suami Cavallo

Suami Cavallo is not your average professional kiteboarder.  Born in Italy and growing up in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Suami has accomplished more in her 14 years on this planet than some of us have done in quadruple the amount of time!  This bundle of energy is everything Truli represents with a commitment and dedication to her favourite ocean sport and a charming, good-natured demeanor.  Suami takes on whatever life throws at her with a smile and a never give up attitude.  I just can't wait to see what's in store for this young woman!  We are so happy to be a part of Suami's journey and to support her the entire way!  Read more about Suami on Truli Girls in The Dominican Republic.

Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Suami Cavallo by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @SuamiCavallo


Do you think you would make an awesome ambassador for Truli Wetsuits?  Send me a message and tell me why you think you should be a Truli Girl! 

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