PRESS RELEASE: Truli Wetsuits for women makes hard decisions post-crowdfunding campaign success

PRESS RELEASE:  Truli Wetsuits for women makes hard decisions post-crowdfunding campaign success

Tobermory, Canada - January 11, 2021

Truli Wetsuits today announced the results of the crowdfunding campaign that took place in November 2020.  Contributions for 97 wetsuit pre-orders over 24 days reached the lower target of $20,000; however, the overall goal to purchase new inventory in every size in all 4 designs did not happen.

“In the end, I made the hard decision to cut out 2 of the designs for this particular inventory purchase as well as some size groups, like the long torso and standard sizes,” says Mia Toose, Founder and CEO at Truli Wetsuits.  "I made the conscious decision to choose, at a minimum, all plus sizes including the two new top sizes, which brings the total size categories to 23."

Truli Wetsuits placed the new inventory order for the 5.5mm Truli-Ful the Beautiful wetsuit in size Empower and up and the 3.5mm Truli-Capri design in size Leader and up. Significant demand in these two designs is the reason for this final inventory decision. Those who pre-ordered the other two designs have the opportunity to pick from available options - nobody was denied a wetsuit in their size.

The lead time is the longest Truli Wetsuits has ever experienced with the arrival date not until summer 2021 due to COVID set-backs. To top it all off, the manufacturer placed an additional 3% charge prior to shipping due to the decrease in the value of the USD. 

Mia Toose says, “Despite so many ‘non-ideal’ parameters, this achievement demonstrated a very real demand for women's wetsuits in all sizes as well as a trust in Truli from the public that we were the ones to make it happen.” 

In the meantime, Truli Wetsuits is continuing their mission to make women's wetsuits available in all sizes.  In 2021, the company is fine-tuning sizing and product design, focusing on establishing a sustainable business model as well as the possibility for more crowdfunding options. 


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