Truli Inspired: Kristin SUP and Surfer girl in California in her Truli-Mi

Truli Inspired:  Kristin SUP and Surfer girl in California in her Truli-Mi
I met Kristin in September 2017 while we were both exhibiting at The Butterfly Effect in Lake Tahoe, California.  Kristin, a pro SUP racer and surfer, came over to try a Truli and fell in love!  She was exactly the person I was looking to connect with so I could learn more about the surf and SUP wetsuit needs of a typical California woman!  Later in my trip, Kristin was kind enough to meet up with me in her hometown of Laguna Beach to go for a gorgeous SUP paddle and snorkel among the kelp forests.  
Job Title: Independent Sales Rep/ Semi-Pro Stand Up Paddle racer
Kristin Thomas in her Truli Wetsuits
Job Description: Paddlesport Rep in the SouthWest USA. Getting SUP & Kayak products into water sports & outdoor stores
Location (where do you live/work):  Live in Laguna Beach, California. Travel for work around the southwest … and around the world as much as possible for fun & to race SUPs!
What are your favorite surf/paddle sites and why?:  Paddling ANYWHERE NEW is always a goal for SUP, but my home venues of Laguna Beach & Dana Point are incredible year round paddling spots.  San Onofre is my favorite surf spot. I learned to ‘regular’ surf ( way back in when I was turning 40 ) with a group of Mom’s and a decade later, learning to SUP surf in the same location. It’s a friendly wave with an amazing community & ‘old school’ vibe. For race training, little Dana Point Harbor offers my Performance Paddle club & easy access to the wide open ocean!
Kristin Thomas SUP surf in her Truli Wetsuits
How did you end up doing what you're doing?:  I’ve always been a water person. Competitive swimming, teaching swimming lessons, lifeguarding, windsurfing, surfing …. When I first saw & tried Stand Up Paddleboarding, I knew it was going to be my next water activity. I jumped into a race almost immediately to meet other folks participating and learn how to paddle. Great community & activity … been racing ever since.
Words of wisdom for women wanting to do what you do?:  Jump right it! Don’t talk yourself out of it! If you’re a people person, find a community or go on a trip with other water enthusiast women.  
Kristin Thomas out for a paddle and snorkel in her Truli Wetsuits
What do you love about Truli?:  Such a comfy, stylish & functional wetsuit! Favorite things: freedom of movement in the arms, the look & feel of the materials, front zipper to control temps, flattering fit … and they’re so damn cute! :)
Kristin Thomas in her Truli Wetsuits
Anything else you'd like to add?: It’s never too late to jump into a life of water adventures! Go for it!

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