Truli Inspired: Ullis Diving in Egypt and her Truli-Capri

Truli Inspired:  Ullis Diving in Egypt and her Truli-Capri
Introducing Ms. Ulli Herold of Ullis Diving in Egypt!  Ulli emailed me expressing an interest in purchasing a Truli, but we were challenged in figuring out an affordable way to get her wetsuit to where she lives in Egypt.  It's lucky it is a small scuba diving world and it just so happened that one of my dive instructor friends was travelling from the Turks & Caicos Islands back to the UK and then onto Egypt and he agreed to transport Ulli's brand new Truli-Capri along with him!  Thank-you very much to JP for the very special delivery - you made a scuba girl very happy this year.
Ulli Herold from Ullis Diving in Egypt dancing underwater in her Truli Wetsuits
Ulli Herold from Ullis Diving in Egypt is a Technical Diving Instructor
Job description: Running my own Technical diving buisness!  I teach Rebreather courses (apdiving and rEvo), OC/sidemount courses all the way from try dives to advanced. Tx instructor level, handling bookings /reservations /marketing (as much as time allows), guiding, and - the best part of the job - exploring new caves and wrecks mainly here in Egypt where there are not many (if ever) people have heard of.....
Ulli Herold of Ullis Diving in Egypt is a Technical Diving Instructor
Location: SAFAGA, EGYPT,  Red Sea Coast
Favorite dive sites and why:
1) Wrecks - because of the history they reveal
2) Caves and canyons, especially those that are not discovered yet......This is because of the indescribable "Pioneer Feeling" you get when entering a new passage......
Words of wisdom: ..... If you really want something, work hard and you wll get there.  Be confident and not intimidated by "divegods" and "managers" and "bosses"...... 
I was not and it was pure chance with many lucky coincidences and some people believing more in me than I did that "creation just happened in the middle of a crisis"..... so, also recognize supportive people, be grateful and treat them well.....everything happens for a reason. 
Ulli Herold of Ullis Diving in Egypt believes that anything is possible
What I love about Truli:
1)  The colors and the shape that caught my attention in Girls that Scuba
2)  The several mentions that Truli Wetsuits are great and personalized customer service by Mia
3)  The Capri suit especially as it covers the knees..... It is the first time that I have finally found the shorty I need. Great extra protection for kitesurfing and diving
4)  The quality of the material and the perfect fit.  Every day, hour by hour the same.....over months now......and we all know, the Red Sea with its saltwater and sun is hard with material.....It's worth every penny.
So glad you made it happen and I could receive my Truli in Egypt!!!!! 
Ulli Herold of Ullis Diving in Egypt
Impact it has on me:  Trying to push the "wet suit days" as far into October as possible, so I can wear it longer and planning on some "kitesurf spare time" soon.....
When I bought it, it really felt like getting a very special treat only for myself (very different than buying cells or spare parts or service kits)...... And a better feeling than any shoes, chocolate, cake or wine can give you ......if I can say so!
Ulli Herold of Ullis Diving in Egypt is scuba diving with a rebreather

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