The Truli Wetsuit Photo Shoot in The Dominican Republic

The Truli Wetsuit Photo Shoot in The Dominican Republic

July 2015 - I'm back from the northern coast of The Dominican Republic where I was doing yet another photo shoot of my new line of Truli Wetsuits for women. I wanted to go to a place where I could capture water women performing at their best in a variety of sports and conditions. Having lived in The Dominican Republic from 2009 - 2012 and predominantly on the north coast, I discovered that this really is the Truli watersport and adventure wonderland of the Caribbean.

Within a 15 minute drive you can scuba dive, kiteboard, SUP, and surf at these groovy, hidden spots along the coast. It's so much fun there!

Lucky for me, not only could I find the most perfect location for my photos, but I was able to reconnect with some amazingly talented friends of mine to help with the photo shoot. The first being Genesis Reyes of Genesis Reyes Photography. Genesis is a Truli waterman! Like many Dominicans on the north coast, he got into surfing and kiteboarding, however his true passion is photography. It's not just his iconic hair that sets him apart from the crowd, it's his attention to detail, his ability to put his subjects at ease and most of all his photographic technique! I was super stoked to have Genesis be the Truli Wetsuits photographer and knew he'd be able to bring my vision to life!

Next, I needed my water women. I wanted women who loved water sports as much as I do and who encompass the values that Truli Wetsuits upholds. Bold, charming, adventurous water lovers who adhere to an honest and loyal commitment to a healthy and fun lifestyle. These women engage in water sport activities that are challenging and that instil confidence and responsible actions and decisions. Just like Truli Wetsuits, they recognize that empowerment results not only from these commitments, but by feeling attractive while doing so.

These amazing Truli Water Women came out to play for some great photos! Click on the links to learn more about each of them!

Sexy women's wetsuit photo shoot in The Dominican Republic with Bianca Forzano and Taylor Swanson and photographer Genesis Reyes by Truli WetsuitsBianca Forzano (Italy) from Bianca Bikinis!  

Meghan Maguire (USA) 

Taylor Swanson (USA) 

Although these other two incredible and inspiring water women weren't involved in the photo shoot with Genesis, I was able to capture some very cool moments of them being awesome above and below the water with my GoPro Hero4.

Laurel Eastman (USA) LEK - Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding

Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Laurel Eastman by Truli Wetsuits

Wendy Ceccarelli (USA)

 Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Wendy Ceccarelli by Truli Wetsuits

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