Truli Wetsuits SUMMER GIVEAWAY contest results!

Truli Wetsuits SUMMER GIVEAWAY contest results!

In June 2017, I decided to do a fun contest, so I could experiment with Facebook Ads and check-out the interest in Truli worldwide.  In order to enter the Truli-Mi Summer Giveaway, you had to do 3 things:

~ "Like" the Truli Wetsuits Facebook page (Thank-you!  We've made it to over 700 "Likes"!)
~ Sign-up for the Truli Wetsuits quarterly E-Letter at the bottom of
~ Comment with your favorite color on the Facebook/Instagram post 
Truli Wetsuits for women summer giveaway contest
There was only one lucky winner and the four runner ups and one honorable mention received Truli-Tanktops.  Thanks for participating!  I had so much fun reading everyone's comments on the FB page telling me your favorite colors!   

On Friday, July 7th, I hosted a Facebook Live with a giant salad bowl as my ballot box. Next time I will do the Live event direct from the Truli Wetsuits FB page as opposed to my personal profile page to make sure everyone is included.  Unfortunately, the video has been deleted for an unknown reason.  Not to worry though, I'll do something like this again in the future!
Truli Wetsuits for women summer giveaway ballot bowl
The winner of the Truli-Mi wetsuit is:
Svelte Anita Slupinski who asked for Fireball Orange
The runners up who will receive a Truli-Tanktop are:
Elea Faucheron
Alexandra Henne
Debi Sarandrea
Mati Pauner
The honorable mention who earned herself a Truli-Tanktop too goes to Joanna Brett!

Joanna wrote a POEM about the different colors of Truli-Mi wetsuits...

Some seek challenge and favour Fireball Orange;
Whilst Pashy Passion Pink many choose in a wink.
And Pot of Gold yellow helps others feel mellow,
But for me ~ Into the Blue would Truli do!

By Joanna Brett  

These were the most popular colour choices of all 94 entries:
-29 Into the Blue
-22 Pashy Passion Pink
-19 Fireball Orange
-17 Any colour!
-5 Pot of Gold Yellow
-2 Blue OR Pink
Thank-you to everyone who participated and in case you weren't so lucky this time, I've arranged for a 10% discount for you via my newest online retailer, Kirk Scuba Gear!  

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