Video Edit: Truli is interviewed by santa at DEMA 2018

Video Edit:  Truli is interviewed by santa at DEMA 2018
Mike Hughes dressed as Santa interviewed Mia Toose at the 2018 DEMA Show in Las Vegas with a GoPro Hero 4 silver or GoPro Hero 7 Black. Check out all 1000 plus related videos on Youtube under Mike Hughes Scuba. Mike has written for dive magazines for over 15 years. He is the author of The Northwest Dive Guide, The North American Dive Guide, To Kill a Diver : a murder mystery, and Whoops Divers Guide: a scuba cartoon book. He has also made several parody songs on youtube under mike hughes scuba such as: I'm too sexy for scuba and The Dive Shop Song. He also has a degree in Marine Biology. These videos are lighthearted, because those serious videos bore the heck out of the majority of Youtube viewers. Also visit "Santa's Story Time" on Youtube with over 70 Christmas time stories read by Santa Claus himself including "Santa's Reindeer", "Twas the Dive Before Christmas" and "Sighting Santa Around The World". Ho Ho Ho!

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