Truli Ambassadors in Canada

Danielle Holdsworth (London, Ontario, Canada)

Standup Paddle Boarder/Kayaker

I was delighted to be introduced to Danielle at the Toronto Boat Show in January 2018 when her mother came by to try a Truli.  She looked at me and said, "I think you should meet my daughter!"  A little while later, Danielle came by and all three of us immediately started gabbing like old friends, talking excitedly about paddling, women in water sports, and how happy being connected to the water made us.  She told me,

There is something about being on the water that is so serene and calming. Paddling, whether racing, touring, or playing with my kids has a way of centering me. It’s where I do my best thinking and where I can lose myself in the simplicity of nature.

From exploring the waters of the Caribbean, to competing at the International Surf Association World Championships in Denmark (September 2017), Danielle's impressive repertoire includes competing internationally in two different sports - Throughout the summer and fall, she competes in Stand Up Paddle boarding, and throughout the winter and spring she competes in Olympic Weightlifting.  She has competed at the Master's Pan American Championships for the past two years, last year bringing home a silver medal in her weight class.  It is her goal to compete in World Champions for both sports in 2019.

We're rooting for you, Danielle!
Beyond her life on the water, Danielle is also incredibly passionate about creating a positive body-healthy culture for women.  As an elementary school teacher, she's in an amazing position to have a positive effect on her students.  As a young person herself, she struggled with body image, constantly trying (and of course failing) to achieve the perfect “magazine” body.

It was through sport that I learned our bodies are so much more than a shell to be consumed. I learned that my body is an incredible tool that allows me to accomplish so many amazing things. My “thick” legs are muscular, and provide an incredible amount of power when I paddle. My broad shoulders give me a fantastic platform on which to develop the musculature that can propel me to the podium. Every woman possesses a unique body, and with it, a unique beauty that can and should be celebrated. I am a strong advocate for creating a culture for our young women that celebrates what our bodies can do, one that promotes value in our abilities, not value based on if/how we meet a media-promoted “ideal”. 

We are so proud to have you represent Truli in Canada! 

Danielle also represents:

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Truli Girl, Danielle Holdsworth, in Canada

Danielle is wearing a size Legend

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