Truli Ambassadors in The USA

Taylor Zima (Florida)

Scuba Diver

If there ever was a person who emanated enthusiasm and energy, it would be the lovely Taylor Zima.  Taylor's sense of adventure has introduced her to every exciting water sport there is including surfing, cliff jumping, spear fishing, kiteboarding, and especially scuba diving.  Ever since Taylor started working at a dive shop (even before she knew anything about diving!), she has been pursuing all of her credentials with a goal to becoming a Dive Instructor all while sharing her passions along the way.  Scuba diving for Taylor has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby and notices that if you're a diver, you want to talk about your recent experiences and if you're not, you want to learn more about it!  Being ambitious and taking initiative even without knowing where it might lead is something Taylor is proud of - and so are we!  She says,

Being a very energetic and adventure seeking person, the water is the only place I can calm my mind and relax. I don’t think about what I have to do the next day or the next hour. My passion for the water has rooted from the need to find a place where I can feel completely detached from the routine of everyday life. Growing up in south Florida I am lucky to still be in awe every time I see the ocean.  My mom raised me to be an independent, driven woman and that is exactly what I am today. I've always been a doer and hardly think twice about doing something out of my comfort zone. 

This busy young water woman, all while working at the dive shop, is also a full time student studying Healthcare Administration and going for her Masters soon.  She is also the Volunteer and Program Coordinator at The Bicol Clinic Foundation (medical mission trip oranization) and going to Nepal this summer!  Taylor admires the sporty, sexy style of Truli Wetsuits and is a firm believer that if you are going to represent a look or a product you have to believe in it and the lifestyle it comes along with.  We are so excited to have you share the Truli stoke in your adventurous water sports life, Taylor!  Welcome to the Truli family!

Truli Wetsuits for women worn by Truli Girl Taylor Zima

Instagram:  @TaylorZima

Cate Siniscalchi (Utah)


Cate Siniscalchi is one of those people who you meet in life and you think, "this girl is going to do something BIG!".  This talented wakeboarder was practically raised in the water and actually taught herself how to swim. When she's not studying Graphic Design at college, Cate juggles between wakeboarding her favorite local spot in Lake Powell, UT and snowboarding seasons while competing and representing for SheShredsCo. Cate says about being on the water,

"I never fail to get butterflies in my stomach and the biggest smile on my face. There is something so magical about the water that calls us to it, and so when we can finally get back to it a sense of home is there." 

Now that is something we can Truli relate to!  Cate has not had a typical life in that she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was told her chances were very slim to get back into the competition world; however she beat all the odds by continuing to compete and kick ass in the sport she loves!  With the support from her family, friends, and all of the professional riders who have helped her get to where she is today, she is especially grateful to Ryan Tomac and Noah Niederhauser who are her constant motivation to keep pushing and making her dreams come to reality.  Cate - you inspire us and we are also in the business of living the dream!  Welcome to the Truli family!

Truli Wetsuits for women introduces our newest Truli Girl, wakeboarder Cate Siniscalchi

Instagram:  @CateSiniscalchi

Twitter:  @Killa_C8

Jessica Carpenter (California)

Scuba Diver

Jessica Carpenter grabbed my attention immediately because we seemed to have some similar experiences in the world of scuba diving and being female.  But what meant the most to me was that she connected with Truli because of the image and message my brand conveys.  She says,

I'm extremely passionate about the message you send. As a woman in scuba, I can't tell you how many times I've experienced sexist, rude comments or moments on a dive boat; for one example, when I asked an instructor to pass me a XS BCD instead of a size small, he told me, "If that one doesn't fit, you gotta leave and go eat more donuts." Finding properly-functioning AND cute gear for diving has been impossible for me so far. 

As Jessica told me more about herself, it was evident that she possesses some remarkable attributes that made me keen to have her become a Truli Ambassador!  Growing up in a family that loves the ocean and scuba as much as they love her, she became a certified scuba diver at the age of 12.  This early exposure to the beauty and importance of our oceans encouraged a passion for water that she has fostered throughout her life. Since then she consistently lives by her motto, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and has dived in far off destinations as Cozumel, Mexico (her fav!), Iceland, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  At the moment, she is pursuing a double-major in Aquatic Biology and Latin American and Iberian studies with a future goal of attending medical school.  Jessica is always pushing to learn more and be more and has contributed significantly through community service for the ocean at such places as the world's largest marine mammal center, at an ocean conservation and education organization that hosts summer camps for kids, and even a research lab that focuses on the coral in Moorea, French Polynesia.  We are looking forward to sharing Jessica's conservation updates and following along on her ocean-inspired adventures!  Welcome to the Truli family, Jessica!

Truli Girl Jessica Carpenter

Lindy Brown (Florida)

Windsurfer/SUP/Swimmer/Surfer/Scuba Diver

Lindy Brown approached me and expressed her interest in becoming a Truli Girl at the end of 2016.  I took a peek at her business, Outdoor Gulf Coast located on the panhandle of Florida in the beautiful gulfside city of Pensacola, FL.  I was excited to learn how passionate she was about water sports, specifically windsurfing, and how much she loved to explore the emerald waters that teem with life where she lives whether it be surf, swim, or scuba! When she told me that "There's nothing like the mind-body connection of windsurfing between the physical energy and mindfulness needed to work with wind changes and of course the exhilarating feeling of speed!", I knew she was a perfect representation for all things Truli.  Lindy also works with people with special needs and teaches assistive technology and adaptive water sports. Her passion for enjoying the feeling of lightness and freedom in all things water and sharing the stoke with others along the journey is the reason she started her business.  Lindy is an approachable woman who, like so many women, has overcome her fair share of challenges.  She says, "Your life is a beautiful adventure story.  Rise and Live it!".  Thanks for being simply awesome, Lindy and loving your Truli as much as we do!  Lindy is wearing a size Leader in Into the Blue blue.

Truli Girl Lindy Brown windsurfing in her Truli Wetsuits for women

Instagram:  @outdoorgulfcoast, @ecolindy


Taylor Swanson (Florida/Colorado)

Kiteboarder/Wakeboarder/Scuba Diver/Surfer

Taylor has been a part of the Truli Wetsuit team since July 2015 when I had the pleasure of meeting her in Cabarete where she was showing off some styles on the rail at La Boca. She is the ultimate adventure woman by being a team rider for German kiteboarding company, CORE, an awesome wake-surfer, wakeboarder, as well as an avid snowboarder. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado and travels to see all the beauties in the world. In addition to her love for action sports she finished her MBA in International Business from Nova Southeastern University and a bachelor’s in biology from Florida Atlantic University.  She is currently a key account manager for Rockyard Brewing.  It’s been a pleasure working with Taylor and I can’t wait to see all of her future explorations!  We are so happy to have her represent as a Truli Ambassador for us!  Taylor is wearing a size Freedom in Into the Blue Blue.


Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Taylor Swanson by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @_Sailor_Taylor


YouTube:  Taylor Swanson