Women's Wetsuit FAQs


Why should I buy a Truli Wetsuit?

Truli Wetsuits are for women who:

-Get cold on scuba dives, while kiteboarding, snorkelling, or other water sports

-Haven't found a wetsuit that they really feel good in yet

-Like a full range of motion for their arms

-Prefer not to be strangled around the neck by a standard wetsuit

-Hate scratchy Velcro because there is absolutely none on a Truli Wetsuit

-Love looking good and being comfortable

Should I be worried about not having arm and leg coverage during scuba diving while wearing the Truli-Mi or Truli-Capri?

Yes and no.  

Yes.  You should be fully covered if you are scuba diving or swimming in an area rampant with jellyfish, for example.  You can wear a skin and then put a Truli Wetsuit on over top.  Truli Wetsuits are great for layering too.  

Yes.  If you are having trouble hitting coral and are not yet quite in control of where you are in the water, consider taking a lesson from a certified instructor and ask questions of more experienced divers.  In addition of not hurting yourself on the corals, you will save the coral for years to come. 

No.  You don't have to worry because your buoyancy (not your wetsuit) will protect you from touching corals that could hurt you.  With buoyancy you are able to hover above stinging corals and you will be able to avoid the occasional floating jellyfish in the water.  Even if you haven't yet mastered perfect buoyancy, you can still wear a Truli Wetsuit.

Are you sure I will be warm enough in a Truli Wetsuit?  I am always cold on scuba dives and on the beach!

The Truli-Mi, Capri, and Hapi are 3.5mm in thickness and the Truli-Ful the Beautiful is 5.5mm.  The neoprene is lined with fleece, which keeps the core warm.  Some scuba divers have mentioned they get goosebumps on their arms when wearing the sleeveless wetsuits towards the end of a scuba dive, but they indicate that they don't feel like they have to end their dive due to feeling cold while wearing a Truli Wetsuit.  When the water is on the colder side, some women choose to wear their favourite rashguard underneath the Truli Wetsuit for additional warmth. It's really great for layering!  Some actually use the Truli Wetsuit as a base layer under their full wetsuit.

Do you have a wetsuit with more leg coverage?

In response to the women who requested an alternative to the short booty cut style of the Truli-Mi, the Truli-Capri was created!  The Truli-Capri has all the same great features as the Truli-Mibut with a longer leg.  It also is a beautiful harmony of colours for those women who are tired of wearing plain black wetsuits.  The Truli-Ful the Beautiful is a full coverage wetsuit as well.

What if the wetsuit doesn't fit me properly?

If you're unsure of which size to choose, send us a quick email to sizing@TruliWetsuits.com before you place your order so we can help you decide (we're very good at picking the correct size for people!).  However, if the wetsuit that you purchase is not a good fit, I promise to offer you a FREE exchange up to the value of the original cost of shipping you paid and if it still doesn't fit the way you'd love it to, I will do a full a refund.  Just send me an email as soon as you receive the wetsuit to explain your concerns and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your wetsuit!  Please take a look at our Return & Exchange policies here.

Can I try a Truli in person?

In 2019, we are setting up Truli Wetsuits Designated Fitting Sites where retailers who are recognized for supporting females in the water sport industry can apply for the designation.  Women can expect to be professionally fitted in a respectful and knowledgeable manner at these sites.  Once their size is chosen, the customer purchases the wetsuit from the retailer and the wetsuit is shipped directly to the retailer for pick up (or the customer's home).  This program is currently being implemented at Divers Den in the freshwater shipwreck capital of the world, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.  

Do you make wetsuits for men?

Truli Wetsuits caters exclusively to women at the moment.

Do you have any other colours besides black?

Mia is in love with bold, bright and fun colours!  The Truli-Capri is colourful from the inside out.  Expect more fun and colourful wetsuits in the future collections.