Calling All Women's Wetsuit Visionaries!

Calling All Women's Wetsuit Visionaries!

I invite you to take the lead in creating an inclusive water activity industry by diving into the Truli Wetsuits world and making it your own.  For too long the leaders and decision-makers in this realm have not gotten it right (including me!). 

The voices at the top need to reflect those who have been left out. 

The platform should be yours and I'd like to present this as an opportunity for you to bypass the start-up phase of business and jump right into Truli Wetsuits.  It's your turn to be a women's wetsuit entrepreneur!

For the last decade, I've been working to create wetsuits and a business model that is in alignment with my values of quality, service, and advocacy with access to water sports, size inclusivity, and marine education.  I focused on listening to and meeting the needs of women, which has resulted in an unconventional B2C e-commerce business that operates successfully and carries a brand image of integrity.

Even though I don't have any business or design background, I was supported and cheered on by a worldwide community of people who identified with what I was doing - it wasn't just me who had been frustrated with the lack of quality wetsuits for women and sizing systems of mainstream brands that didn't work.  The community (you!) also saw the change that I was envisioning and were my first customers, gave Truli Wetsuits shout-outs and were contributors to my crowdfunding campaign in 2020.  It has all brought Truli to where it is today. The community is so much of who Truli Wetsuits is and really reflects why I named the company Truli - Wetsuits that are True to the Women who wear them.

The growth that has happened with Truli Wetsuits is much the same as what I've experienced personally.  I've always said that my business has been my therapy.  It has challenged me to face some of my most destructive patterns, so I could be in the best position to achieve my goals for Truli Wetsuits.  It has not been easy!  I am so happy to say that after all this time, I have absolutely kicked my imposter syndrome to the curb and am just so damn proud at everything I've accomplished (check out the Truli Milestones 2013 - 2023!).  I seem to be existing in this realm of earned wisdom and I like it. 

But with that wisdom, I can see very clearly that the way I've been going is not sustainable.  In spite of so much progress and change for the better in the industry, there is still a disconnect between the business model I decided to go with and where the textile/wetsuit manufacturing industry currently is.  This breaks my heart and it has taken me so many months to share my thoughts about this.  I contemplate that if I had made sacrifices in my own values and pushed forward with a more high volume, corporate structure, maybe Truli Wetsuits would be in a better position.  I do mental gymnastics as I move through thoughts of self-blame and failure to meet expectations right alongside affirmations that I always did what I could with what I knew and that everything has and always will be enough.  I tear up at this last admission.

Despite my own personal capacity being reached, I still see so much opportunity to build on everything I've done so far.  My thoughts for the future of Truli Wetsuits can go in two ways (and I am totally open to other ideas too!):

  1. Change up my business model.  I know you've been eyeing how I do things and have ideas on how it could be better. 
  2. Research and Development.  I have so much to say about this part of it…projects related to how garments function and fit for the purpose of water activities specifically for women and plus size women.  Sizing and grading systems as a whole.  Production of neoprene within North America that keep in mind environmental protections.  Construction of wetsuits within North America on a wider scale to reduce the reliance on a monopoly of manufacturers overseas.  There are so many pathways to explore with so many parties who are keen to participate.  Are you in a position to take the lead on this and make some very real and lasting impacts on the industry?

Do either of these peak your interest?  If so, let's chat!

As things are, I plan to have all remaining inventory sold by Fall 2024 and if there are no takers to keep the Truli flame going, that will be the end for Truli!  There's still lots of time and it's not over until it's over - Let's see what happens.

Here are a couple deals I have going on and bear in mind that while I continue to work on Truli, I am also starting to explore what's next in my own life.  That means I may be slower to reply as time goes on.  Send me a message to or complete the Truli-Size-Mi form and I will reply back with your Truli size, availability and any deals that I can offer you.  

Bulk Buys - Any 10 wetsuits for $1000

  • 6 must be a Mi, Capri, or Hapi
  • Plus $150 for shipping in Canada/USA
  • Message if you are interested in stocking your rental fleet, club or Airbnb for other packages

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  • Full Price + Sizing Options/Returns

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