Truli Wetsuits Milestones 2013 - 2023

Truli Wetsuits Milestones 2013 - 2023

It all started with an idea out of frustration for lack of quality wetsuits for women!


Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Research and try to find someone to put my ideas for a wetsuit into a pattern. Study Business for Dummies and create Mission, Vision, Values.


Turks & Caicos Islands

First Truli-Mi pattern created and prototype produced. Tested while working as a scuba diving instructor. Prototype fell apart!


Turks & Caicos Islands

Sourced a new manufacturer and had a second prototype produced. Tested while working as a scuba diving instructor. It was perfect! Registered Truli Wetsuits as a sole proprietor in Ontario, Canada , created online store, ordered first round of Truli-Mi wetsuits in 3 colourways and sizes XS - XL


Launch Truli Wetsuits online and make first sales. Create social media accounts and connect with influencers. Begin to adapt original Truli-Mi design for longer leg and bright colours. Explore how to get more sizes.


Turks & Caicos/ Ontario, Canada

Receive Truli-Capri prototype and order black/pink in Truli-Mi plus one more size (XXL). There was no other option beyond this size. Begin advertising online, in Scuba Diving Magazine and use savings to pay for trade shows


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Determined to make more sizes, but not sure how and introduce 2 new designs. Survey community and decide front-zip and 5mm Truli-Ful the Beautiful and 3mm Truli-Hapi long-sleeve shorty. Learn about challenges of front-zip (create Truli Ribbon) and gain support from community to help manufacturer to extend the sizing system. Put out the Truli Size Naming Contest by requesting submissions of inspirational women. Attend every trade show related to the water.


Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Receive Truli-Ful the Beautiful and Truli-Hapi inventory in new extended sizes and unique sizie names. Introduce Designated Fitting Site concept and pop-up Fitting parties in partnership with local dive shops.

Awarded Tester's Choice for Best Women's Wetsuit by Scuba Diving Magazine


Canada/USA Road-trip/ Tobermory

Started Truli Wetsuits Pop-up Fitting tour and trade shows to promote Designated Fitting Sites. Was in between shows in Indiana and Missouri when COVID shut-downs, so returned back to Tobermory with the notion that wetsuits would not be needed for the foreseeable future. Got a job at the local grocery store . Online sales picked up and I refined online orders with measurements and shipments. By Fall, I needed to purchase more inventory and add 2 more sizes, but I hadn't sold enough to meet the high volumes the manufacturer required me to purchase. Launched crowdfunding, raised 25K USD and purchased half of what I needed. No new designs.


Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

New inventory took 9 months to arrive, so sold pre-orders. Hired a Truli Sizing Specialist to assist with sizing requests. Attended Toronto Metropolitan University's Fashion Zone incubator and Catapult Grey Bruce mentorship pilot program. Learning about how to scale business, design and produce locally so I don't have to rely on overseas manufacturer. Redesign service to custom-fittings online . Incorporated Truli Wetsuits.


Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Focus on promoting and selling locally while continuing to ship worldwide. Scaled down from fulfillment services and centralized all inventory in Tobermory. Set-up The Fitting Room for in-person fittings. Negotiating with manufacturer to order more wetsuits, but higher costs, higher MOQs and no options for new designs.


Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Announce that I am not re-stocking wetsuits. Invitation to the community to take-over Truli Wetsuits and make it their own. Slowly sell-off inventory with a plan to have everything selttle by Fall 2024.  Calling All Women's Wetsuit Visionaries!



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