Hi! How have you been? November 2016

Hi! How have you been?  November 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hi!  How have you been?

Well, well, well...I've become that long-lost friend who doesn't keep up with her updates!  Hopefully this email finds you well and happy and enjoying lots of water sports.  I'd love to hear about your adventures, so fill me in when you have the chance.

You know, it's interesting...when you don't write for a long time, you start to think about all the things that have happened and even do a bit of a reminiscing.  I think about what I was doing this time last year when I was busy setting up my first round of inventory and I am simply in awe.  It's been a whirlwind to say the least - but a crazy satisfying one at that!

My original plan for email marketing was to send out quarterly "Hi! How how have you been?"s on cool things that have been happening, but I got a little bogged down this fall; however, in proper scuba girl form - I work amazing under pressure!  And the pressure was on to make sure I got my message out to announce my only sale of the year, which starts next Friday, November 25th on Black Friday and then on Monday, November 28th on Cyber Monday. 

I also wanted to mention some pretty cool projects I was involved with this summer like Windvibes 2016 and to introduce you to some of the contacts I've made over the last several months.   Brand awareness was my goal this year and through the help of my amazing Truli Girls and a TON of networking in both the scuba diving and kiteboarding industries, some pretty amazing connections have been made.  Take a look at the new Wetsuit Reviews & in the News page I started on the Truli Wetsuits website.  Also, keep your eyes peeled over the next few months to catch a glimpse of Truli in some popular kiteboarding media outlets like IKSurfMag, KiteSista and The Kite Mag!  I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself :-P

While there have been some notable successes in this incredible startup journey I'm on, I have also been met with countless challenges.  It's important to me that the products I create meet the needs of all female water sport enthusiasts and there have been two areas I've recognized as needing some extra consideration. 

One is sizing.  As the business grows I will be tweaking the sizing and making sure wetsuits are available in all styles and colours for petite and long torsos as well as for girls with a little more hip and bust.  I've already added an additional size that will be available with the next products in Spring 2017. I'll let you know more about these in the next "Hi! How have you been?".

The other is distribution.  I can't tell you how disheartening it is to receive messages from girls around the world who are ready to buy a wetsuit, but I have yet to establish an affordable shipping system outside of North America.  Ladies!  This is my declaration to YOU!  I am determined to set up distributors in Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond and I've made it my mission to make Truli available everywhere! 

Alright, before this ends up as a short life story, I better come to a close.  Check out the sections below to learn more about the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, our new partnership with SingleDivers.com, click on the image and watch the absolutely amazing review by Black Manta Photography in Mauritius courtesy of Scubaverse and you absolutely must check-out this quarter's featured Truli Girl - Ms. Francesca (Cesca) Peirce!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all. Feel free to message me, let me know about your Truli experience by writing a Review on the Shop Truli Wetsuits page or on the Truli Wetsuits Facebook page.  My next email will be out in the new year announcing the arrival of TWO new products - The Truli-Mi in Pashy Passion Pink and The Truli-Capri in Harmony!  Woo Woo!

All the best and happy water play,

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

What's UP?

Truli Wetsuits at Windvibes 2016

Mia at Windvibes with a Truli-Mi wetsuit
Photo by Madis Kaljur

It was really cool participating in Windvibes 2016 this summer as it marked exactly a year from when I did my first photo shoot with the sample products at Windvibes 2015. This year, I volunteered my administrative skills in the organizing and fundraising of the event, donated a Truli Wetsuit to the silent auction at the Gala (which resulted in a very impressive bidding war!) and hosted a booth on event day with Truli Girl Bianca Forzano's Bianca Bikinis line.  We had Truli Girls, Irina and Cesca, both compete in the kiteboarding events and won second and third places in the Freestyle and Big Air categories - So proud of our girls! Read all about the details of the Windvibes event here.

Truil Wetsuits Reviews & in the News

Hayley Eaude from Black Manta Photography reviewing a Truli Wetsuit courtesy of Scubaverse

Hayley Eaude of Black Manta Photography reviews a Truli-Mi wetsuit in Mauritius courtesy of Scubaverse
Video by Richard Stevens
I reached out to all kinds of people and media outlets and requested reviews, editorials, testing, released a press release and responded to a number of requests for brand ambassadors in order to get the word out about Truli. I've been so happy with the response so far and decided to document the progress with a new page on the Truli Wetsuits website:  Wetsuit Reviews & in the News page. I've set up links to all of the articles and mentions so far. The Black Manta Photography review I'm featuring here is kind of a cool story of how it came about.  I was approached by the Editor-in-Chief, Dave Alexander of Scubaverse "The world's best online dive companion" who wanted to do a review of Truli for the Scubaverse website.  He said, "I know the perfect people to do your review for you!"  And with that, I was introduced to the lovely UK couple Hayley and Richard who manage Black Manta Photography.  They prepared Part 1: the unboxing video documenting Hayley's first impressions of a Truli Wetsuit and then wrote a blog entitled "Truli Awesome Wetsuit!" after using the wetsuit on their dive trip to Mauritius. Richard filmed and produced Part 2: The User Test & Conculsion video of Hayley discussing her personal experience with the wetsuit, which is an absolute must-see!  Definitely keep an eye on these talented underwater photographers, videographers, and bloggers and enjoy this honest feedback of Hayley's experience with a Truli.  Don't forget to keep in touch with all things scuba on www.Scubaverse.com!



If you are a scuba diver, then at some point you have probably heard about SingleDivers.com or its founder Kamala Shadduck.  Kamala created the world's only provider of group trips designed for single or "married but buddyless" divers 11 years ago and it has absolutely BOOMED with over 10 000 members and about 18 trips per year around the world!  So you can imagine how stoked I was when I got a call from Kamala who expressed an interest in trying a Truli.  We are so proud to be named an official corporate sponsor for Single Divers, which allows women on Single Divers vacations to test out a Truli for free and then take advantage of special deals to purchase one! Love this quote from the Single Divers newsletter:

"Most of us want something that is stylish as well as functional and of course a reasonable price never hurts. Truli Wetsuits are Truli Unique"

If you are in love with scuba, travel, fun people, and giving a Truli a go then this is the group for you!

Hook Me UP!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale by Truli Wetsuits


I love to hook my water sport loving girls up!  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest events in retail of the year and this being my first one, I definitely wanted to participate!

On Black Friday, November 25th, I am offering Free Shipping up to 75CAD anywhere in the world!  

At check-out use discount code:  FREESHIPPING

On Cyber Monday, November 28th, I am offering 30% OFF!  

At check-out use discount code:  CYBERMONDAY30

Featured TRULI GIRL! Truli Wetsuits on Instagram featuring Truli Girl Cesca Peirce

We have reached over 2000 organic followers on Instagram thanks to the beautiful photos from our Truli Girls and fans!  This photo has the most "Likes" so far and so we've decided to feature the lovely Francesca (Cesca) Peirce!  Cesca is a woman of so many talents and is enroute to becoming a professional kiteboarding instructor! I'm so happy to have her be a part of the Truli family and wish her all the best on this next adventure.  Get insights into her waterlust lifestyle on her gorgeous Instagram feed and read more about how she got to be where she is today here.  
Follow Truli Wetsuits on Instagram:  @TruliWetsuits and tag your Truli Wetsuits photos #TruliWetsuits to be featured!


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