Hi! How have you been? Wetsuits for every BODY - August 2018

Hi! How have you been? Wetsuits for every BODY - August 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

I've got some pretty amazing things going on since the last time I wrote back on International Women's Day in March!

Scroll down for more information and photos, but if you're in a rush, here is a quick update!

  • NEW PRODUCTS ~ 2 new designs are on their way!
    • Truli-Ful the Beautiful 5.5mm full-coverage wetsuit
    • Truli-Hapi 3.5mm long-sleeve shorty in Queen Angel Blue
    • Pre-Order Sale starting in October saves you 20%
    • Wetsuits ship in February 2019
  • TRULI-SIZE-MI ~ A wetsuit for every BODY! Good-bye boring, inaccurate, dreaded size names that just don't reflect YOU!  Hello, 21 sizes that will fit you AND inspire you!
  • CONTEST!  Win a Truli Wetsuit by submitting an inspirational women's name and the reason she inspires you to be used in the new sizing system
  • ECO-FRIENDLY! Even more eco-friendly materials, processes, and shipping! ~ (details coming soon)
  • CALENDAR! Where is Mia and Truli? Calendar of events, including Booth 1347 at DEMA for dive professionals in Vegas, baby!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all.  Drop me a line anytime and I look forward to receiving your name submissions for the Truli-Size-Mi CONTEST!

If you haven't done so already, please do leave a review of your Truli Wetsuit on the Facebook Page or on any of the product pages (scroll down under the product images):
Truli-Mi in Into the BluePot of Gold YellowPashy Passion PinkFireball Orange, or Truli-Capri.  Thank-you!

I'll be in touch in September to announce the 21 inspirational names to be assigned to each size!

Until then - Happy water play!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

Ontario has got a pretty awesome water sport scene with some bad ass chicas doing their thing!  

Bobbie, Carly, Bree and Heather are avid scuba divers who were excited to try on these prototype wetsuits and pose for the camera for you.  Carly even used a Truli-Mi as a base layer underneath Truli-Ful the Beautiful on a cold water (70F/21C) dive in Tobermory and stayed warm!

The professional quality photos for a new website will be complete in October when the sample sizes arrive complete with final design tweaks.  If anyone is interested in doing some modelling, let me know!  





Truli-Ful the Beautiful is the 5.5mm fleece-lined full coverage wetsuit that many of you have been asking for!  The sleek dark grey features a classic wetsuit look enhanced with a fun sprinkling of colourful polka-dots and rich turquoise trim. $549.00

Truli-Hapi is the 3.5mm fleece-lined long-sleeve shorty, which is for all the mermaids who were looking for a bit more coverage and warmth, but loved the ease of popping on a shorty.  The newest colour is a beautiful Queen Angel Blue named after the Queen Angelfish.  $299.00

Pre-Inventory Arrival Sale begins October 2018
Truli-Ful & Truli-Hapi will be 20% OFF
Be the first to own these super warm and cozy Trulis!
~ shipments will be sent in February 2019 ~

A Wetsuit for Every BODY

If you have the time, I really encourage you to read my recent blog entry to fully understand how and why I decided to take this leap of faith and actually DO something about the dysfunctional sizing system in the wetsuit world. 

Over the last year I learned that ALL women struggle to find a good quality wetsuit that actually fits properly.  That's right!  It's not just the curvy girls!  I'm talking about the athletes with bulging muscles, petite women with round bellies, boobilicous babes with long torsos, slim ladies with a booty to boot...and/or any combination of the above and more!  All of these factors inspired me to kick the traditional sizing system to the curb and try something new!

Starting with Truli-Ful the Beautiful and Truli-Hapi, I am making the following changes:

  • In addition to my current 6 sizes, I am adding 15 more sizes for a total of 21 sizes
  • Sizes will accommodate women who wear US clothing size 0-24 (UK 4-28) and who have long torsos
  • Location of the size name will move to a more discreet location on the inside front chest
  • Traditional size names will be removed and replaced with inspirational women's names to signify the 21 different sizes (ENTER THE NAMING CONTEST TO WIN A TRULI!)
  • No distinction between standard and plus sizes will exist
Women should not be excluded from pursuing their water sport goals because they do not have access to a good quality, comfortable wetsuit that fits.  Truli Wetsuits strives to be a women's wetsuit for every BODY and seeks to promote body positivity.

Help Me Name The 21 New Size Categories!

After much consideration, in an effort to remove the stigmas attached to traditional size names, I've decided to re-name each size category after inspiring women.  I want women to feel proud of their size category!  These inspirational women should be a good representation from around the world, from history, present day, are famous, ordinary, young or old.  I've already picked out some names that inspire me, but I want to hear from YOU. 

If I choose your suggested name, I'll give you a brand new Truli Wetsuit of your choice! 

Email your Truli-Size-Mi name submissions and reasons why to mia@TruliWetsuits.com.  I am looking for names of women who have left a legacy, made a positive impact, paved the way for other women, is courageous, cool, bold...you get the picture.

General Contest Guide:
  • Submissions accepted until September 14th, 2359 EST
  • There is no limit to submissions; any winner may receive only 1 wetsuit even if more than one suggested name by them is selected
  • There is no determined number of names to be selected and prizes to be given
  • The selection of names is based on the discretion of Truli Wetsuits/Mia Toose
  • The Truli Wetsuits sizing chart with names will be announced on September 21st.  Winners will be notified prior to September 20th
  • Only the first name will be used for the sizing system


August 27 ~ 9-11pm
Demo Dayz at the Etobicoke Olympium with Aquarius Scuba
Call Aquarius Scuba to register 416 604 4203!

September 2 - 9
Santo Domingo/Bayahibe/Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

September 14
Last day to submit Truli-Size-Mi names to win a Truli Wetsuit!

Truli-Ful the Beautiful & Truli-Hapi pre-arrival sale begins!

November 14 - 18
DEMA Booth 1347 - Trade show for scuba diving professionals

January 2019
Toronto International Boat Show (tentative)

February 2019
Truli-Ful the Beautiful & Truli-Hapi wetsuits in 21 sizes begin shipping!
Our World Underwater - Chicago (tentative)
Outdoor Adventure Show - Toronto

March 2019
Outdoor Adventure Show - Montreal
Spring Cottage Life Show - Toronto (tentative)
Beneath the Sea - New Jersey (tentative)

June 2019
Scuba Show - California (tentative)
Mississauga Waterfront Festival - Toronto

August 2019
Orillia Waterfront Festival - Orillia

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