Hi from Toronto! How have you been? March 2018

Hi from Toronto!  How have you been?  March 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I'm excited to write to you on International Women's Day because this day for me is a reminder that incredible things can happen even in the face of fear when women band together, support each other and lift each other up!  

Let's make a commitment to support and encourage all women who want to participate in water sports regardless of what they look like, how old they are, what size or ability they are. Ya!

The more I talk to women who love the water, the more I see how connected we are and that our emotions are similar despite outward appearances.  Whether you are a curvy bootilicious water babe struggling to find a wetsuit that fits, or you're that athletic tiny bikini wearer who worries she has the figure of a boy when she puts on a wetsuit, let's make sure we have each other's back.  Can you imagine what can be accomplished if you knew an entire gender had your back every time you showed up at the beach or dive boat?  Let's do it today for International Women's Day and every day!

My last E-Letter I sent out, was wayyyyy back in October - I'm sorry I haven't written for so long!  I ended 2017, my second year in business, testing out the new full-length 5.5mm and 3.5mm wetsuits and am currently perfecting the design and need your input.

Although I LOVE the front zipper on the sleeveless Truli-Mi and Truli-Capri, the front zipper on the full-coverage wetsuit makes taking the wetsuit off on your own a little tricky.

So, my question to you is:

  1. Keep the front zipper and ask a buddy to help remove your wetsuit every time
  2. Use a traditional back zipper with long zipper pull (I really wanted to avoid this!)
  3. Make the full-length wetsuit 2 pieces.  Sleeveless with long legs + long-sleeve jacket to wear on top

What do you think?  Simply reply to this email and let me know now!

I've also been working on a different sizing system that will accommodate boobs, bums, bellies and tall torsos - If you haven't already done so, please complete my survey so I can get as accurate as I can with these additional sizes.  As soon as I have the sample sizes, I'll get in touch to see about testing them.

Being back in Canada has been great, although the winter here was a bit hard to swallow after all those years down south!  Even though I don't have the ocean and beach at my fingertips any longer, I have still found ways to stay involved in the water sport communities.

Keep scrolling down and you'll get an update on my upcoming events, a sneak peek at my new full-coverage wetsuits, some new Truli Wetsuits sightings in the media, retailers, and more!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all.  Drop me a line anytime!  My next E-Letter will be out in May, so let's keep in touch on all the fun things happening with Truli on the Facebook page.  

Until next time ~ Happy water play!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

2018 Truli Wetsuits Event Schedule

2018 is all about giving women a chance to try a Truli!  I'm hitting up a list of indoor/outdoor events in Ontario, Canada this year as well as organizing some awesome Demo Dayz in the scuba pool and wake parks this summer.  Keep in touch on Facebook for all the details, but here's the list so far so you can plan in advance!

Truli Wetsuits YouTube Channel showing our newest women's wetsuit

Who wants to stay warm AND look good without compromising quality?  Here is a sneak peek to both the 5.5mm and 3.5mm new full-coverage with our beloved cozy, fleece-lined Truli Wetsuit for women.  I'm working on perfecting the design, creating a new and improved sizing system, which will accommodate Curvi women and long torsos.  And so importantly, I am moving towards even more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and packaging.  Please complete my survey to make sure my new sizing system is representative of YOUR figure!
**By the way, subscribe to the Truli Wetsuits YouTube Channel too!**

Truli Wetsuits Reviews & In the News Truli Wetsuits in Scuba Diving Magazine

If you haven't already picked up your copy of the Annual Gear Guide from Scuba Diving magazine (here's the online version, but the hard-copy has SO much more!), go get one!  Inside you can see how Truli stands out from the crowd!  
Interested in specific customer reviews?  Head over to the Facebook review page, or take a peek under each product image on the Shop Truli Wetsuits collections. 
Truli Wetsuits Reviews & In the News


Women Scuba Divers Trip - Tobermory Aug 12-14, 2018

Carlyunderwater and Truli Wetsuits for a women's scuba diving weekend in Tobermory

Calling all Scuba Diving Women!  In partnership with Carlyunderwater and Diver's Den, we're hosting a women's scuba weekend getaway in one of Ontario's most famous dive destinations - Tobermory.  Check out all of the details here!

Stream2Sea available in Canada

Stream2Sea eco-friendly sunscreen

Protect what you love!  The sunscreen we have been using our whole lives has been damaging our waters and marine life!  It's time to make an important, but simple change.  Switch your suncare and skincare products to Stream2Sea.  Here is my personal review and all the information you need to know why.  Message me if you're in Canada and would like to order today.  ALL wetsuit orders receive a free sample!  

New Retailers!

Truli Wetsuits is available for sale at Barbados Blue Dive Shop

Truli Wetsuits is available at:

NEWBeaches ~ Turks & Caicos
Dive Provo ~ Turks & Caicos
NEWBarbados Blue ~ Barbados
Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding ~ Dominican Republic
Aquarius Scuba ~ Toronto, Canada

Become a Truli Girl

Canada Flag

I am searching for a water woman to represent for Truli Wetsuits in CANADA!  If you are a passionate water woman who has made Canadian lakes, rivers, or oceans your playground and you think a Truli would compliment your water-lifestyle, I would like to hear from you.  Tell me why you feel you would be a great representation of all that Truli stands for.  

Truli Inspired

Truli Inspired by Kristin Thomas in California

I'm always super inspired by the women who purchase Truli Wetsuits.  They are scuba diving tech instructors like Ulli in Egypt, Travel Experts like Sarah from the Worldwide Dive Adventures, or SUP racers and surfers like Kristin in California.  I just had to start a section on my blog called:  Truli Inspired in honour of all you amazing water women!  Reply to this message if you want to be featured too.

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