Hi! How have you been? Truli partners with Divers Den in Tobermory!

Hi! How have you been?  Truli partners with Divers Den in Tobermory!
Hi!  How have you been? 

Let's just take a second and think back to the last time you were in the water...Ahhhh yes!  Our happy place!  

Back in my February E-Letter, I let you know that the new wetsuits were on their way and I was about to embark on an awesome 6 week road trip to exhibit at dive shows around the USA.  That was the last time I was in the water - kitesurfing and scuba diving with some gal pals in Florida!  During that time, my vision for Truli really came to life and my plans moved to action!

I am very proud to announce the very first 
Truli Wetsuits - Designated Fitting Site 
in partnership with
Divers Den
Tobermory, Ontario, Canada! 

This is a program that Truli will implement at Divers Den this summer and then expand to other regions in North America.  It allows approved retailers to professionally fit women for a new Truli Wetsuit in person.  All of the sizes are on hand to try and then once you choose your size, you order through the shop and it is shipped directly to your home (or back to the shop)!  The program will make it even easier for women to find a wetsuit that is perfect just for them. 

Where in the world is Tobermory, Ontario, Canada and why would I choose this location as the new Truli Wetsuits HQ? 
Well, let me tell you!  Tobermory is a tiny harbour village with a fascinating maritime history in a geographically unique location.  It is a 4 hour drive north of Toronto right at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula where Lake Huron and Georgian Bay converge. 

Fathom Five National Park Map, Tobermory, Canada

  • It is the home of Divers DenOne of the busiest seasonal dive shops in Canada that supports and advocates for women in the sport of scuba diving
  • It is the ‘Freshwater Scuba Diving Capital of Canada’ with more than 20 shipwrecks; most submerged since the late 1800s/early 1900s
  • It has Canada's first underwater National Marine Park ~ Fathom Five National Marine Park (since 1987)
  • It is designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
  • It is in proximity to Ontario's best kiteboarding - Sauble Beach
  • It is home to the Bruce Peninsula National Park with access points to the 900km long Bruce Trail; Stunning vistas of the Niagara Escarpment, turquoise waters, and endless coastline for paddling, swimming and boating

Tobermory is INCREDIBLE!  I encourage everyone to come and explore this breathtaking destination.

Why is this important to women?
Shopping for a wetsuit is a very personal experience with lots of discussion about female anatomy!  Too many women have encountered blatant rudeness and/or shameful comments by sales staff when approaching their local retailers in search of gear that is specific to their needs.  Truli customers can trust that this will not happen at a Truli Wetsuits - Designated Fitting Site.

Why is Divers Den the best place to be the first Designated Fitting Site?
Divers Den was chosen as the very first Truli Wetsuits -  Designated Fitting Site because they serve their customers in a professional and respectful way regardless of gender, shape, age, ability, appearance or other and in an environment that supports and empowers women in scuba diving and water sports.  Additionally, they have extensive expertise in the world of wetsuits with the thousands of individuals who experience scuba diving and snorkelling through their shop every year.  In the fall, I will begin taking applications from retailers for other locations who wish to become Truli Wetsuits - Designated Fitting Sites.

It is important to note that the scuba diving conditions in Tobermory are extremely cold water and require 7mm wetsuits or a dry suit along with with hood, boots, and gloves.  Snorkelling the shallow shipwreck sites can be experienced in the 5.5mm fleece-lined Truli-Ful the Beautiful, but otherwise would not be recommended for scuba diving in Tobermory until later in the season.  I do plan to introduce women's wetsuits that are suitable for the region after much research, testing and feedback is conducted during my time in Tobermory.  

Summer 2019 in Tobermory at Divers Den
I will be on site at Divers Den this summer setting up the fitting sessions and developing the Truli-Size-Mi training with the rest of the team.  Of course, purchasing online with personal fitting service via email will also always be available!

On July 20th, 2019  as part of PADI Women's Dive Day I will be co-hosting a female divers meetup in collaboration with Carlyunderwater and Divers Den in Tobermory. This is a unique opportunity to check out Truli Wetsuits in person during this special event!

I would LOVE to see you in Tobermory this summer!  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this new program and contact Divers Den directly to book your diving. 

In case you missed these other Truli highlights...

Thank-you SO much for all of your support - it means the world to me.  Every encouraging message motivates me to continue improving access to water sports for women by making quality gear that fits and is readily available for you.

If you are already the proud owner of a Truli Wetsuit… please tell us about your experience on the Facebook Page or on any of the product pages (scroll down under the product images):
Truli-Mi in 
Into the Blue
Pot of Gold Yellow
Pashy Passion Pink
Fireball Orange
Truli-Ful the Beautiful

Post your own pics and see all the real women enjoying their Truli Wetsuits in the I <3 my Truli Facebook Group!

Happy Water Play!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

PS Did you know Truli has a YouTube channel?  The video featuring last summer's women's dive trip to Tobermory will be featured here soon!

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