Hi! How have you been? Which of the 21 sizes do you proudly belong to?

Hi! How have you been?  Which of the 21 sizes do you proudly belong to?

There have been all kinds of adventures behind the scenes over here!  From shipment delays, to climbing mountains in the Dominican Republic, to design challenges, to Girls that Scuba meet-ups in quarries and cool cheese bars - it's never a dull moment in my Truli World and I wouldn't have it any other way!

My last E-Letter went out at the end of the summer to let everyone know about the two new wetsuits (Truli-Hapi & Truli-Ful the Beautiful) and my request for help in naming each of the 21 sizes via the Truli-Size-Mi naming contest.

Since then, I collected and compiled all of the moving stories Truli fans shared with me in a blog, You Inspire Me! about women, from around the world, who have left a legacy, made an impact, or helped pave the way for other women.  Seriously!  The submissions often made me tear up and reminded me of how much an impact we can really have on each other.  

In the end, I decided to go a slightly different route with naming the size categories than I initially thought, but I'm really happy with the way things have turned out and I think you will be too!  View the Truli-Size-Mi guide and blog now!

Now that everything is falling into place, I wanted to write and share the following news:

  • Truli-Size-Mi  21 size categories you can be proud to belong to!
  • You Inspire Me!  Read the list of submissions when you can.  Come back to it again and again.  Keep the inspiration going by leaving a comment
  • SALE STARTS TODAY!  Advance purchase of the Truli-Hapi & Truli-Ful the Beautiful wetsuits is now open for a limited time (with shipping in late Feb/early Mar 2019)!  Discount Code:  WOOHOO25 at checkout!
  • You gotta Try a Truli - I still need some final feedback on sizes to ensure I Truli have a wetsuit for every BODY.  Check-out my upcoming events in Toronto and Vegas and make sure you don't miss your chance to contribute!
  • Shhhh...November 19 - One final FLASH Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale only for the Truli Wetsuits Facebook "Likers"!
The next E-Letter will be out in the new year!  There are quite a few cool new partnerships I can't wait to tell you about.  Until then, Happy Happy Water Play!

As always, I love hearing your responses and catching up with you all.  Drop me a line anytime and I look forward to seeing you soon.

If you haven't done so already, please do leave a review of your Truli Wetsuit on the Facebook Page or on any of the product pages (scroll down under the product images):
Truli-Mi in Into the BluePot of Gold YellowPashy Passion PinkFireball Orange, or Truli-Capri  Thank-you!

Yours Truli,

Mia Toose

Truli-Hapi is the 3.5mm fleece-lined long-sleeve shorty, which is for all the mermaids who were looking for a bit more coverage and warmth, but loved the ease of popping on a shorty.  The newest colour is a beautiful Queen Angel Blue named after the Queen Angelfish.  $299.00

Truli-Ful the Beautiful is the 5.5mm fleece-lined full coverage wetsuit that many of you have been asking for!  The sleek dark grey (pretty much black!) features a classic wetsuit look enhanced with a fun sprinkling of colourful polka-dots and rich turquoise trim. $549.00

Advance Purchase available
Oct 29 - Nov 26, 2018
Use Discount Code:  WOOHOO25
Truli-Hapi & Truli-Ful the Beautiful are 25% OFF
Be the first to own these super warm and cozy Trulis!
~ shipments will be sent out late February/early March 2019 ~
While we were taking a break during the photo shoot last week, all 3 of these women ran in front of the camera together laughing and smiling and asked us to take a photo of them all together.  These smiles aren't staged.  This is how you should feel when you put on a great wetsuit that fits and performs the way you need it to!

A Wetsuit for Every BODY

Here are the stories behind why and how I came up with Truli-Size-Mi...

Based on my experience - something had to change
You Inspire Me! - inspiration creates a positive from a negative
Truli-Size-Mi system - all 21 named sizes and how it works

Read the Truli-Size-Mi system and let me know which size you think you belong to!  


October 29 - November 26
Truli-Ful the Beautiful & Truli-Hapi advance purchase available at 25% OFF with discount code:  WOOHOO25

November 9 - 11
National Women's Show, Toronto - Message me for a free ticket!

November 14 - 17
DEMA, Las Vegas - Booth 1347 - Trade show for scuba diving professionals
Book your 10 minute Truli fitting session

January 2019
Toronto International Boat Show (tentative)

February 2019
Truli-Ful the Beautiful & Truli-Hapi wetsuits in 21 sizes begin shipping!
Our World Underwater - Chicago (tentative)
Outdoor Adventure Show - Toronto

March 2019
Outdoor Adventure Show - Montreal
Spring Cottage Life Show - Toronto (tentative)
Beneath the Sea - New Jersey (tentative)

June 2019
Scuba Show - California (tentative)
Mississauga Waterfront Festival - Toronto

August 2019
Orillia Waterfront Festival - Orillia


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