IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Jun 21 - Truli Production Schedule Update

IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Jun 21 - Truli Production Schedule Update

Hello Truli Awesome Wetsuit Community!

This update is to fill you in on the current production situation of your pre-order (or keep you in the loop if you were a contributor!).  We are still on schedule for production completion within a few days of the original finish date of July 7th; however, the transit schedule for the inventory to depart the production facility in Cambodia and travel to Ontario, Canada remains unpredictable.  Some have said it could take months...

The manufacturer, along with our Canadian broker, have been preparing and arranging for the transit of the inventory to Ontario for the past few months despite constant changes and various interruptions.

Our biggest challenge for the moment is that everything is on "standby" at the main shipping port of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which is just nearby the Cambodian production facility.  The delays are due to COVID-related backups and shortages in labour resulting in longer processing.  As was previously mentioned in earlier updates, the shipping industry is unpredictable at the moment.  Fortunately, there are A LOT of people working on this from all angles in various countries and who are actively looking for opportunities to get space in a container and on a ship.  Sometimes this happens just days before disembarkation.  You can think of it like when your flight gets put on standby and you're just waiting for the chance to get on the next flight out - That's your Truli in this COVID world at the moment...

Busines Insider:  Why the world is in a shipping crisis

You may be wondering why I continue to work with an overseas manufacturer despite all of the challenges - it's not something I decided to do without a lot of ongoing thought and consideration….In truth, I've lain awake at night wondering what other options I could possibly pursue and have been actively seeking advice from experts on best practices.  I've learned so much about the global textile trade industry, neoprene, and have made some thoughtful goals on how I will be addressing this in the future…stay tuned!

In the meantime, I've begun to pre-sell the rest of the inventory via a Reservation system to help carry the business through and to raise funds for the next inventory purchase.  This doesn't affect your pre-order.  To learn how to Reserve a Truli (in case you need more Truli in your life!), take a look here:  Reservations

To date, of the 97 wetsuits that were pre-ordered through the crowdfunding campaign, 30% were fulfilled from sizes that are currently in stock.  There are still 12 people who I have yet to get any measurements from - I've emailed again - check your spam!  Please do get in touch ASAP with whatever measurements you have as with the additional Reservations coming in, I want to make sure your size doesn't get missed OR if I have your size already in stock, I could send it to you right away!

Thank-you as always for your patience and support - We wouldn't be here today without you ❤️!

I will be keeping you posted as information becomes available and I will double-check measurements and shipping addresses before sending you your new Truli once they arrive.  

Stay Safe!


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