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Wetsuit Blog — Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Truli Wetsuits for women makes hard decisions post-crowdfunding campaign success

Posted by Mia Toose on

Tobermory, Canada - January 11, 2021 Truli Wetsuits today announced the results of the crowdfunding campaign that took place in November 2020.  Contributions for 97 wetsuit pre-orders over 24 days reached the lower target of $20,000; however, the overall goal to purchase new inventory in every size in all 4 designs did not happen. “In the end, I made the hard decision to cut out 2 of the designs for this particular inventory purchase as well as some size groups, like the long torso and standard sizes,” says Mia Toose, Founder and CEO at Truli Wetsuits.  "I made the conscious decision to choose, at a...

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