Crowdfunding Campaign Pre-Orders - Nov 6-30, 2020 - FUNDED!

Crowdfunding Campaign Pre-Orders - Nov 6-30, 2020 - FUNDED!

THE CAMPAIGN IS NOW CLOSED - We hit the target and production finished on schedule at the facility in Cambodia on July 10th, 2021.  The stock boarded the container ship at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on July 15th and has arrived on the west coast of Canada to go through customs.  Next step they travelled by train to Toronto and finally arrived at the warehouse September 26.  I am now preparing all the packages for shipment to pre-orders and reservations!

Due to COVID, the global shipping industry has been severely disrupted.  Shipments are happening, but there are delays - The manufacturer alongside my Canadian broker as well as individuals all on the ground in various countries have been working together to find space and to get these wetsuits on a ship as soon as was possible.  This often happens last minute within days notice of disembarkation.  

You can find a list of the previous updates here:

All crowdfunding updates can be found under the Update tab on the original IFundWomen campaign page.  I've also copied them to the Truli Wetsuit Blog with links below:


    Between November 6 - 30th, 2020 Pre-Orders accepted for any Truli Wetsuit in all 23 sizes (currently there are 21, but 2 additional sizes are being added) through the Truli Wetsuits Crowdfunding Campaign launched on IFundWomen.  If you are Canadian/British/Australian, pre-orders were taken in Canadian dollars right here.

    Crowdfunding is a popular strategy for companies like Truli to get customers involved to make products available.  The funding raised from pre-orders and other contributions will go directly to purchasing inventory to make all sizes available in all designs.

    If we meet the target of $20,000USD, the inventory order will be made and you will receive your new wetsuit around July 2021.  You will be continually updated on the progress so you will know when to expect its arrival.  Unfortunately I can't guarantee it will arrive in time for any particular trips or dates.  

    We're well on our way to hitting the target and won't be able to make this happen without your pre-order and/or contribution too! 

    These are the different rewards you can back.  I need to order the wetsuit inventory in USD, so the campaign is collecting funds in USD; however, I don't want to exclude my beloved Canadian water women!  I've given you the option to purchase in CAD right on this page:

    • Pre-Order a wetsuit (receive around July 2021 if campaign meets the target)
      • Truli-Mi $150 (MSRP $249)
      • Truil-Hapi $175 (MSRP $299)
      • Truli-Capri $200 (MSRP $299)
      • Truli-Ful the Beautiful $350 (MSRP $549)
      • 1% of wetsuits pre-orders are donated to Sharks4Kids

    These additional rewards are only available in USD on the main crowdfunding campaign, Truli Wetsuits Crowdfunding Campaign on IFundWomen:

    • Stream2Sea eco-conscious sun, skin, haircare package $50
    • Scuba Sisters Leggings $75
    • Truli Apparel $25
    • I believe in you! $10
    • Exclusive Experience - Dive with Mia $500

    Feeling inspired and ready to contribute?  Make your pre-order and contributions today! 

    All the details can be found in the FAQs on the campaign page with target info on the Updates tab.  Some quick info that you may be curious about though are:

    - Shipping is included for pre-orders and most rewards in Canada and the USA.  UK/Europe/Australia will be invoiced an additional $50.00 for shipping and everywhere else $60.00.  I am not able to offer any exchange or refunds and any duty or custom fees that your country charges would be your responsibility.

    - Sizing policy (exchange and returns) is applied for shipments to Canada and the USA.  

    - Wetsuit pre-orders outside of North America are final sale.  However, if your wetsuit doesn't end up being a good fit for you, you can re-sell it in the Facebook resell group, "Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit".

    - Canadians/British/Australians can make a wetsuit pre-order in CAD right here.  All other rewards must be in USD.

    - Once you make your pre-order (just choose any size as I will contact you after your purchase to confirm).  I will collect your sizing information (height, weight, bra size, general dress size, bust, waist, hip measurements).  This will be used to select the correct amount of sizes in the inventory purchase.  Prior to shipping, your measurements will be collected again and your size reconfirmed.

    - If the target is not reached, we will not be able to make the inventory purchase and your order will not be filled.  You will be given a refund for your pre-order minus 10% which is deducted to pay for the fees taken by the platform/payment provider.  

    I hope this offers some insights into choosing Truli Wetsuits!  When women's wetsuits are available in all sizes, it demonstrates to women that we belong in the world of water sports.  It also lets the industry know that being size-inclusive is absolutely possible and a choice for businesses.  So, please think of your contribution as being one of many that are helping pave the way to make change in our beloved water world - One awesome fitting wetsuit at a time!

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