IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Sep 15 - I need your info before shipping!

IFundWomen Crowdfunding Update - Sep 15 - I need your info before shipping!

The Truli Wetsuit inventory is almost ready to be shipped!

I've just been informed that the new inventory has arrived on the west coast of Canada, is going through customs, and is being "de-stuffed" (aka the container that was on the ship is being unloaded).  The next step for the wetsuits is to get on a train and travel across the country to Toronto.  But before they get here, I need info from you!

So, let's get ready! 

I need you to click on the button below to RE-submit your measurements so I can RE-confirm your original size recommendation.  Any adjustments will be communicated with you before shipping. 

NOTE:  Alterations to the length of legs are still in experimental mode.  As I receive updated measurements, I'll be connecting with women 5'4" and under to see if they might be interested in having their Trulis worked on before they are shipped.

I am also preparing the invoices and shipping labels now (there are so many!), so when the wetsuits finally arrive, we will be picking, packing and shipping as fast and efficiently as possible!

Re-Submit Info - Measurements & Shipping Address

Thank-you so much for your patience - We're almost there!

Yours Truli,


PS The quarterly Hi! How have you been E-Letter is coming out very soon.  I want to tell you about the next inventory order I've been negotiating with the manufacturer, which includes some fun updates to the original designs!  As well, you will learn about my plan to keep Truli Wetsuits going so that it can become a long-term, sustainable business that gets women in their wetsuits for their water adventures!

PPS In case you're curious, you can check-out the previous updates from the original crowdfunding campaign in November 2020 until now:

All crowdfunding updates can be found under the Updates tab on the original IFundWomen campaign page.  I've also copied them to the Truli Wetsuit Blog with individual links below:

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